Lush Diary #45 | Which Came First | Easter Collection

I’m back ! The first part of my memoire is done, I’ve handed it it on Sunday and now I’m getting ready to defend it on the 21st. After that I’ll be free.

But I’m already feeling a lot calmer and I have a little more free time so that I can come back and share with you some of my cosmetics discoveries.

I have a lot of bath bombs to talk about, I had a big collection and has the weather has been fairly cold I’ve been able to take quite a few baths.

The first bath bomb that I’ve used is Which Came First*. (more…)

An update | Blogging, University, Giveaway and Instagram

Hello !

Just a quick one to let you know a few things.

You may have noticed that I’ve been very absent from the blog. Indeed, I haven’t posted anything in two weeks. And no, I’m not even on holidays. As you may know, I’m writing my last paper ever for university and after that I’ll finally have my master’s degree. It’s taking a lot (if not whole) of my time and it’s making me really nervous and stressed out and apparently I can’t manage to do that and the blog at the same time. So I probably won’t be posting anything before September and wanted to let you know. But as soon as I’m finished I’ll be back !

In the meantime, I can only suggest that you follow me on instagram where I regularly post content. Of course nothing as detailed as what I would post on the blog but it’ll still allow you to keep up to date with the products I’m currently using and loving (or hating) as well as my latest purchases. Also, ever since I’ve been living in Edinburgh I’ve been sharing a few of my favourite places in Edinburgh and in Scotland in general.

Finally, the third peace of information, the Smith&Cult giveaway is now over and the winner has been contacted. Thank you for your participation !

And that’s it for now. I’ll see you here again in a few weeks and I’ll have a ton of things to talk about (I’m taking a lot of baths so you’ll see a few Lush posts, that’s for sure !)

I hope you’re all doing well, that you’ve had nice holidays or a nice summer even if you weren’t on holidays.


ps: if you want to know what makeup I’m wearing on the picture above, check out this tutorial.

I tried the Smith&Cult Nail Polishes | Review & Giveaway (closed)

It looks like I’m back with another kind of post that I hadn’t done in a long time. After the post where I’m showing you my face after months of being invisible, here comes the post talking about nail polish.

But not just any nail polish, the gorgeous, and oh-so-luxurious, Smith&Cult nail polishes. When I was offered to try them and talk about them on the blog AND to have a giveaway so that you too can discover them, I accepted immediately. (more…)

A Sneak Peek into our Home | The Bedroom

There you are, back into our home ..! Today I’m bringing you along into our bedroom. If you’ve missed the beginning of the tour, don’t worry you can catch up. The bathroom’s here and the living room here.

Like for the previous rooms, I’m not going to show you everything but rather my favourite things in each room. So here comes, my 3 favourite things in the bedroom. (more…)

My go-to summer makeup | Tutorial and reviews

You haven’t seen my face around here for quite a while, have you ? I didn’t really want to take pictures of myself anymore. But all of a sudden it was okay again.

But most importantly, I’ve been wearing the same makeup look for 2 weeks now, I love it and I really want to share it with you.

This post is a mix between a tutorial, a review and a first impression because I will talk about the products themselves as well as about how I use them. Some of the products I’ve liked for a really long time and some products I was using for the first or second time. (more…)