I tried Sephora’s Own Brand | Makeup and Skincare

This post may appear completely normal, but the behind the scenes and the way I’ve put it all together is slightly different. Let me explain.

I got a whole box full of Sephora goodies, not long before moving to Edinburgh. I did my best to try them all before leaving, even if I didn’t manage to use them more than a few times each. (more…)

I Tried the Shiseido Base products | Synchro Skin is the Best Foundation Out There

Do you remember not that long ago when I was bragging about having found the perfect foundation ? It was the YSL Le teint encre de peau that I was reviewing in this post. Well, I found even better and it’s a tad cheaper.

Don’t get your hopes up too high though, it’s still not drugstore. But it’s moderately less expensive. (more…)

My Beauty Essentials from eBeauty and Care | One Big Korean Cosmetics Haul Before Moving to Edinburgh

Long time no see eh ? Since the last time I was around here I’ve been on a little road trip from Switzerland to Edinburgh. Then we received the keys to our new flat and with the time invested to settle in and the terrible lack of wifi, I just couldn’t get around to come and say hi.

But the wifi is now set up and the flat almost has all we need in it, so I think I’m back !

And to start off with, I want to tell you about my last order on eBeauty and Care. (more…)

I Tried the Philips Rose Gold Hair Dryer | Giveaway (closed) – Win the Matching Hair Straightener

I’m back today to talk to you about another rose gold appliance. After the Braun leg epilator (read more about it here) here’s the Philips hair dryer. Let’s continue our journey in the land of the very instagramable appliances.

In this post, I’ll give you my opinion on the Moisture Protect* hair dryer that I’ve been using for the past few weeks, and I also have a little surprise for you at the end, as you’ll be able to win the matching hair straightener. (more…)

Smooth Legs for Spring | Braun Silk Epil 9 VS. Silk Epil 3

You might have noticed that Mr Sun has decided to come back, and with his arrival, the temperatures have risen considerably. I’ve always been told ‘en avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil’ (which means that you shouldn’t yet get rid off you warm clothes in April) but I must admit that I have been wearing shorts.

However wearing shorts means taking care of bear fur covered legs. Well … it’s true, that sometimes, some people, during the winter months, don’t really shave or epilate their legs. Maybe. (more…)