I tried the Eve Sleep towels | Does their fastening system really work ?

Do you know this situation when you got out of the shower, wrapped yourself in a towel, you’re brushing your hair and all of a sudden the towel unfastens itself and slips to the ground, leaving you exposed.

I guess that we’ve all tried to fill our lungs with as much air as possible and tried to make our breasts as big as possible to try and keep the damn towel from slipping to the ground. Usually unsuccessfully.

The brand Eve Sleep came out with a towel that has a built-in fastening system that is supposed to keep that kind of situation from happening. But does it really work ? That’s the question I’m here to answer today. (more…)

Lush Diary #55 | Pink

While the Lush Summit is in motion in London (think of it as the biggest bath bomb fair where Lush present their new launches for the year to come) I’m back to talk to you about a gorgeous bath bomb. That’s right, I’m not going to keep it in any longer, it truly was an incredible bath bomb.

This bath bomb doesn’t actually look that impressive on the shelf and it’s called Pink. (more…)

Ultimate Ears Wonderboom | My new favourite toy

I’m back today to talk about a little gadget that’s taken a big place in my life over the past few months. When I got the opportunity of trying the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom I was very happy because I find them very aesthetically pleasing (dare I say cute ?) I was convinced that they would look great in our flat.

Had I had the possibility to choose, I would have asked for the pink one with the white buttons. Unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time so I went for the grey and yellow one. I got it a little before Christmas and I used it for the first time during a dinner with my friends. Let me tell you they were all quite jealous of my new toy. (more…)

Lush Diary #54 | Man in the Moon | Christmas Collection

One week before the yearly Lush Summit, I want to talk to you about yet some other bath bombs that I’ve used lately.

Today’s bath bomb was part of the latest Christmas collection and it’s a bubble bar called Man in the Moon. (more…)

Yet Another Elie Saab Fragrance I Love | Le Parfum in white

I’ve said that already in december, and I will say it again, I don’t particularly enjoy talking about fragrance on the blog. Because I’m really bad at describing scents, but also because I’m really fussy when it comes to fragrances.

That being said, when it comes to the fragrances launched by Elie Saab, I’m starting to see a pattern. I’m not entirely sure why, but I love pretty much every perfume he comes out with. It started with the rose one, then Girl of Now (which I havent mentioned on the blog), then this Christmas’ limited edition, and now this new launch.

This new launch is Elie Saab, le Parfum in white*. (more…)