Hello & Welcome !

Behind Feathers and Brushes is me, Macha, 25. I live on the border between french-speaking Switzerland and german-speaking Switzerland, sometimes, and in Edinburgh, Scotland, the rest of the time.

Student in English Literature, I’m trying to finish my mémoire for my MA and I’ve stopped being a waitress and cover teacher to just be a blogger on the side, when I have a bit of time left, I like to go skiing, climbing, do yoga, pole dance, read or to cuddle my bunnies, or my hamster.

Feathers and Brushes comes from a sudden and unexplainable love of cosmetics and an old love of writing. The adventure started on the 4th of August 2014.

I like to advise my friends on what is good and what isn’t, and as my reader I want to extend this privilege to you (did I tell you I was also modest ?) You’ll always be able to count on my sincere opinion.

Sincerity and the ability to write without constraints (as opposed to magazines or ads) is what drew me into the blogging world, what I admire some bloggers for and what I despise others for.

I might sometimes be sent products to try, but be sure that if I get sent a product that I don’t like, I either won’t talk about it or will tell you that it’s not good, and why. Also, I’ll make sure to always state when I didn’t pay for a product.

If someone were to start paying me for writing posts (it isn’t the case at the moment) I’d make sure to be able to say whatever I want to say. And again, I’d be honest and tell you whenever a post was sponsored.

As my curiosity knows no bound, my posts talk about hair care, body care, skin care as well as makeup, but I also want to extend my content so you’ll see some things that have nothing to do with cosmetics as well. My goal is to publish new posts 2-3 times/week but my publication days aren’t fixed. (On that note, if you want to be informed when I write a new blog post, make sure to subscribe to my newsletter, on the right underneath the blog name – no spam, just an email when I post something new)

I hope that you will feel comfortable in my little corner of the internet.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you want to ! 😉 ( feathersandbrushes@gmail.com )




Beauty Profile :

Skin : fair, oily, slightly dehydrated, blemish prone

Eyes : green, short sighted

Hair : long, slightly greasy roots, long, damaged ends/split-ends, long, dark-blong-light-brown, long