Hello everyone !

I’m Macha, a 20-something year old swiss girl.
I’ve been passionate about makeup and cosmetics for a few years now and I’ve built up quite a collection. I also like to write and that’s why I decided to combine the two and start my own blog.

For the purpose of knowing whether my reviews will work for you as well you should know that I have oily to very oily skin (sometimes dehydrated, sometimes dull, most times with breakouts) and very fair skin (which can make it hard to find a matching foundation/concealer). My hair is long, reasonably thick, brond (that’s blond and brunette put together ^^,) and rather on the greasy side (dry shampoo junkie !) but with seriously damaged ends.

On my blog you’ll mainly see beauty related posts but I’ll also occasionally write about a recipe, a DIY project, or something I did that I enjoyed and would recommend. I try to post 2-3 times a week.

Hope you enjoy what you see !