One palette, one review, one tutorial | Nars Wanted Palette

Last week, I was telling you all about Nars’ latest foundation (here) and I promised that I would follow up with a post dedicated to their latest eyeshadow palette, the Wanted* palette.

If you want to know what I’m wearing on my face, all the steps for my base are in this post, but today I’m going to tell you about the eye makeup that I created with the new Nars Wanted palette.

To stars off with, let’s have a look at the palette itself. I really like the packaging, because it’s beautiful but also because it doesn’t really get dirty as Nars packaging usually does.

Inside lies one of the most beautiful palette I’ve seen in a long time. I’m pretty sure I gasped the first time I saw it. The beautiful matt browns, the glitters and the warm tones are all calling to me. It shouldn’t really matter, but the beauty of this palette when I open it is a massive selling point for me. I love to just stare at it.

It contains 5 matt shades, 3 shimmery shades and 5 glittery shades. Personally I really like that because I can do everything I want with this palette, but if you’re not a big fan of glitter you might not love this palette as much.

The look that I’m going to share with you is the one that I created the first time I used the palette, it’s a sort of experiment to see how the palette inspire me.

I started by applying the lightest matt shade (Biarritz, top left) on my entire lid, up to my brow bone in order to make my eyelids more even and to make blending easier.

Then I took the light matt brown (Seven Heaven, right underneath) in order to lightly define the crease. I applied it quite generously in the crease, from the outer to the inner corner.

Then, with a slightly smaller brush, I took the slightly darker matt brown (Shadow Hill) in order to make the crease a little more defined. I applied it more precisely in the crease, but still from the outer to the inner corner.

Then, with a duo-fibre brush (to make the colour more diffuse) I took the matt red (Temptress, top right) and applied in the outer and inner corner, blending the edge with the crease but leaving the centre of the eyelid as bare as possible to create a sort of “halo eye”.

The point of this look is to create a gradient from light brown to red, that starts right above the crease and that becomes increasingly darker as you get closer to the lash line. But you also want to leave the centre of the lid bare to add glitter later.

I started by using the green-gold glitter shade (Fallen Star) with a wet flat brush and I applied it on the centre of the lid by pressing the shade onto the skin rather than rubbing it.

In order to blend the edge between the green-gold glitter and the matte red, I took the duo-fibre brush with whatever red was left on it to soften the limit between the colours.

At that point, I wasn’t particularly happy with the look, because I found that the green-gold glitter was beautiful but a bit too dark for what I had in mind.

So I decided to create a second gradient with the glitter, going lighter and lighter as I moved towards the centre of the lid. I started by using the tip of my finger to apply the coppery-champagny glitter (Delirium) on the centre of the green-gold glitter so that you could still see it on each side.

Then, in order to make the centre even more glittery and brighter, I applied the pink-silvery glitter (Shooting Star) in the very centre of the lid, in the centre of where I’d applied Delirium. That way, you get the dark red in the corners, then as you move towards the centre of the lid, you get more and more light with Fallen Star, Delirium and Shooting Star.

To finish off the look, I applied a generous coat of the mascara I’m currently using, the Tarte Tarteist mascara. It’s really nice but I’m not sure it’s worth the price or the hassle to get your hands on the brand. But if you were tempted to try it, it’s a good one.

I’m a little bit disappointed that my camera didn’t really do justice to this look. In reality the gradient is much more pronounced, the colours are more intense and the glitters much more blinding.

But I’m happy that you can still see the gradient that goes from light on the brow bone and that get darker as you travel down, as well as the gradient from the corners of the eyes that get brighter and brighter as you get to the centre of the lid.

To complete the look, I added a little touch of colour with the Lipstick Queen Jean Queen lipstick (reviewed here).
Afin de compléter le look, j’ai ajouté une très légère touche de couleur avec le rouge à lèvre Jean Queen de Lipstick Queen, dont je vous avais parlé plus en détails ici.

As for my opinion on the palette, I’m really happy with it. The quality of the shadows is great, the matts, the shimmery and the glitters are all very easy to use. The matts blend effortlessly as do the shimmers. The glitters are brighter if you apply them with your finger or a wet brush but you can also use a dry brush for a more subtle look.

As I was saying earlier, I find the palette gorgeous and the colours are very inspiring to me. Whether I want to create a very glittery look, a sultry smoky eye or a basic every-day look, I have everything I need in this palette. It is very versatile. The matt shades in particular ranging from almost white to almost black make it very easy to use the palette for a wide range of looks. Which you can then decorate with shimmer, glitter, or not.

All in all, despite the price, it’s a palette that I absolutely love. The quality is there and when I get it out, I’m always inspired, regardless of the type of look I need to create. I think that if I hadn’t received it, I would genuinely have bought it myself.

I hope that you like this look and that my opinion is useful !

Have you tried it ? Tempted ?


*press sample

  • GlamChicBold

    I like so much your make up. I didn’t try this palette but I love the products by Nars!