Lush Diary #57 | Poisson d’Avril | Easter Collection

I’m back with another Easter themed post before the long weekend that’s upon us. I went to my Lush bath bomb collection and picked another Easter limited edition bath bomb.

Today’s bath bomb is in fact a bubble bar, and if I’m not mistaken, it’s a brand new, never seen before, Poisson d’Avril.

As the name would suggest (and as you may be able to tell if you know a little French), the Poisson d’Avril bubble bar is shaped like a fish. It’s red and yellow with a big eye. I find it really cute !

I tried this bubble bar like I try every bubble bar, that is that I only used half of it in my bath (and as I often say, you might be able to use only a third or even a quarter). I cut it into thin slices so that I can crush it into the running water more easily.

The water turns red very quickly, and in real life the shade is more “raspberry” and not as orange as it looks on the pictures.

When it comes to the bubbles, I’m very happy with the amount ! It creates tons of bubbles and they last a very long time.

But I think that my favourite thing about this bubble bar is the scent. It’s quite spicy, and to me it smells like cinnamon, ginger and citrus. On their website Lush says that it contains cinnamon tree leaf essential oil, and black pepper. I really love that scent !

All in all, I really loved this bubble bar. I’m really happy that you can cut it very easily, and that way use for more than one bath. The red colour is beautiful and the smell is one of my favourite scents ever.

To finish off let me quickly mention the other Easter products I’ve talked about in the past and that came back this year. I’ll list the relevant posts right here: There’s a reusable bubble bar that came out two years ago and that’s back after a year’s break called Bunch of Carrots. There’s also the classic Golden Egg, and a couple multiple use bath bombs, Which Came First and Chick’n’Mix. If you prefer you can also type Easter in the search bar or head out to the Lush website where you’ll find the whole Easter collection.

What do you think of this little fish ?