Lush Diary #56 | April Showers | Easter Collection

You know what’s even better than the chocolate bunnies making their way into the stores around Easter ? It’s the brand new bath bomb collection that awaits us in Lush stores !

So I made my way to the nearest Lush store and I have a few bath bombs to tell you about. I’m going to start with a brand new bath bomb that’s called April Showers.

It’s a white cloud-shaped bath bomb, decorated with little pink and purple rain drops. I find it really pretty.

When you put it into water, it starts to fizz away very quickly. The water turns milky and white very quickly.

There’s a white foam on the surface of the water but the colour also spreads at the bottom of the water.

Then, as the bath bomb fizzes away, the rain drops start to slowly melt, and they add colour to the water as they do.

As the raindrops melt, the water becomes more and more pink.

I caught the bomb in the water when it had almost completely disappeared to see what it look like, which you can see below.

But that wasn’t a great idea because the raindrops are so intensely pigmented that it coloured my fingers and it took a while for it to completely disappear.

When the bath bomb is completely melted, the result is beautiful. The water is pink-purple, pale and milky, and on top of it are drops of colours that come from the melted raindrops.

It looks like someone has dropped liquid paint into the water and it looks really beautiful.

As for the scent, to me it smells like a meadow with new flowers and grass. It smells like spring and I find that smell to be very fresh and pleasant.

I didn’t see any glitter in the water, but once I got out of the bath, I realised that my body was full of very small bits of glitter. I really liked it.

This bath bomb has one big drawback in my opinion, it’s the mess that it leaves in the bath tub. Once the tub is empty, it’s full of purple residue. Some of it rinses off very easily, but some of it really sticks to the tub and I really had to scrub to get it off.

All in all, I’m not sure about this bath bomb. On the one hand, I find it extremely beautiful and I love the scent, but on the other hand, I don’t love the state in which it leaves my bath tub. I quite like the glitter on the skin afterwards but I thought I’d mention it in case that bothers you.

Other than that I wanted to quickly mention the other Easter products I’ve talked about in the past and that came back this year. I’ll list the relevant posts right here: There’s a reusable bubble bar that came out two years ago and that’s back after a year’s break called Bunch of Carrots. There’s also the classic Golden Egg, and a couple multiple use bath bombs, Which Came First and Chick’n’Mix. If you prefer you can also type Easter in the search bar or head out to the Lush website where you’ll find the whole Easter collection.

What do you think ? Are you tempted by this little cloud ?