Lush Diary #54 | Man in the Moon | Christmas Collection

One week before the yearly Lush Summit, I want to talk to you about yet some other bath bombs that I’ve used lately.

Today’s bath bomb was part of the latest Christmas collection and it’s a bubble bar called Man in the Moon.

To be completely honest with you, I wasn’t that thrilled with this year’s Christmas collection. To be more precise, I wasn’t too excited by the new releases. Some of my old favourites did make a come back though.

When I went shopping I didn’t even really risk bankruptcy. But Man in the Moon is one of the new launches that I chose to buy. It’s a little yellow face with a monocle and a big blue moustache that looks very surprised.

As it is a bubble bar, I cut it into two part so that I could get two baths out of it. I cut the first part into small bits and placed them under running water to create a lot of bubbles.

The bubble bar being yellow, I was expecting a yellow bath, and as we all know, I don’t really like yellow baths.

Fortunately, seeing as the moustache and monocle are blue, the water doesn’t turn yellow but light green.

The end colour is almost as fluorescent as if you had emptied a highlighting pen in the water. It’s somewhere between yellow and green, but in any case it’s very bright.

Just like the colour, the smell is very vibrant. I would say that it’s a fairly typical lush scent but with very fresh lime accents to it.

All in all, it’s a bubble bar that’s as good as any other lush bubble bar. The fresh scent and vibrant electric green colour will offer you a bath full of life and bubbles.

Are you tempted ?