Lush Diary #55 | Think Pink

While the Lush Summit is in motion in London (think of it as the biggest bath bomb fair where Lush present their new launches for the year to come) I’m back to talk to you about a gorgeous bath bomb. That’s right, I’m not going to keep it in any longer, it truly was an incredible bath bomb.

This bath bomb doesn’t actually look that impressive on the shelf and it’s called Think Pink.

Don’t take me wrong, it is pretty but as I was saying and as the name would suggest, it’s after all just a big pink bath bomb. But as it often is the case with Lush, there’s more to this bath bomb than meets the eye.

This bath bomb truly becomes magical when you put it in water. I was blown away by the show it put on in the bathtub. It was so beautiful that I wanted to get people around the tub and look at it with me. Unfortunately I was alone in the flat so hopefully I can share some of the magic with you today.

What happened is that when the bath bomb started to fizz away, I realised that it wasn’t just pink. It wasn’t glittery either. I think that the best way to describe it is “metallic pink”. It looks very metallic indeed and the result is mesmerising.

It also means that every little bubble created while the bath bomb fizzes away is also metallic and this makes each bubble stand out. You have to look at the picture quite closely to see it but it’s definitely noticeable.

As for the scent, I felt like I was bathing in vanilla roiboos and honestly, I’m not complaining. I didn’t really notice a scent in particular when I picked it up in the store, nor when I was smelling it at home, but once in the water it was a whole other story. I really felt like I was bathing in my mug of tea.

It’s a scent that’s quite mellow, not too sweet or sickly and definitely more subtle than some other lush scents. I found it very pleasant.

Finally, once the foam on the surface of the water dissipates, the water is a slightly milky pastel yellow. But beware, if you start moving in the water, you’ll notice that it isn’t in fact just pink. Oh no ! When the water’s moving and light hits it you can see thousands of glitter and metallic particles dancing in the water. It gives the bath depth and most importantly it looks magical ! It’s absolutely impossible to take a picture of it but it looks incredible !

All in all, I need to tell you that it had been a long time since I had been that impressed by a bath bomb. The show when it melts is enough to woo me, but the soft vanilla roiboos scent and the magical glistening water really made me fall in love with it.

If I could only add one more thing it would be : go get it and see for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

Have you tried it ?