Ultimate Ears Wonderboom | My new favourite toy

I’m back today to talk about a little gadget that’s taken a big place in my life over the past few months. When I got the opportunity of trying the Ultimate Ears Wonderboom I was very happy because I find them very aesthetically pleasing (dare I say cute ?) I was convinced that they would look great in our flat.

Had I had the possibility to choose, I would have asked for the pink one with the white buttons. Unfortunately it wasn’t available at the time so I went for the grey and yellow one. I got it a little before Christmas and I used it for the first time during a dinner with my friends. Let me tell you they were all quite jealous of my new toy.

After Christmas I packed it in my suitcase and it came with me to our flat in Edinburgh. That’s where the love story really started. As I was saying, initially I thought that it would be more pretty than useful. I didn’t think that I would use it as much as I actually do.

The fact is that my little wonderboom is pretty much constantly with me whenever I’m alone at home. When I get ready in the morning, when I write blog posts, when I shower, when I fold laundry, when I cook, it’s always by my side.

The good thing is that it’s really small and waterproof which means that I can take it anywhere: on the side of the sink, on my desk, on the kitchen counter, on the coffee table, and even on the back of my bike when I fold laundry in the guest room that doubles as a laundry room and bicycle shed.

It might be small but it is mighty. I can totally wake up the upstair neighbour’s baby if I crank it up all the way (Not that I’ve tried. Or have I ?)

The reason why I didn’t think I would use it as much as I do is because I was already doing the same thing with my laptop and my phone. They’re pretty much as portable as the wonderboom. But the wonderboom is much better because it goes louder, has a better sound quality and doesn’t require any effort to set it up. When I activate bluetooth on my phone, they automatically connect. Then I can have my shower while listening to the Spotify 90’s Smash Hits playlist and do my work out as I lather up.

And that’s how this little object that was mainly supposed to make our flat look pretty started to decorate every single room depending on what I’m doing. But most importantly it gets me in a great mood and makes any task more enjoyable.

I was expecting a pretty little object and as it turns out, there’s rarely a day when I don’t use it. I’m very pleasantly surprised and if you’re looking for speakers, I can only recommend that you go and check out Ultimate Ears as they have different sizes, shapes and colours available.

What do you use for music ?


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