I tried the Eve Sleep towels | Does their fastening system really work ?

Do you know this situation when you got out of the shower, wrapped yourself in a towel, you’re brushing your hair and all of a sudden the towel unfastens itself and slips to the ground, leaving you exposed.

I guess that we’ve all tried to fill our lungs with as much air as possible and tried to make our breasts as big as possible to try and keep the damn towel from slipping to the ground. Usually unsuccessfully.

The brand Eve Sleep came out with a towel that has a built-in fastening system that is supposed to keep that kind of situation from happening. But does it really work ? That’s the question I’m here to answer today.

The Eve Sleep towels are available in two sizes (50x125cm and 100x150cm) and two colours (pebble grey and white). The biggest one is a bath towel and the small one a hair or hand towel.

I want to throw it out there that this post isn’t sponsored. They offered me to try the towels and talk about them on the blog if I wanted to. I accepted the offer because I was curious to see if it really worked. The fact that the towels looked so soft and fluffy was another good argument.

Having tried them, I’m happy to report that the towels are as soft and fluffy as they seem in pictures, which is already a good thing. But what’s really interesting is this fastening system.

The system in itself is very simple. On one side of the towel is sewn a strip of fabric through which you can loop one corner of the towel. Once you’ve placed the towel around your body or your hair, simply loop one corner through the strip and you can go about your day. The strip also allows you to hand the towel on a hook.

As you can (sort of) see on my pictures above and below, the hair towel can be placed on your hair as you would usually but putting the part of the towel with the strip around the perimeter of your hair. Once the towel is in place, you simply feed the end of the towel through the strip at the back of your head.

I do quite like the hair towel. It’s not perfect, because as you can see, my hair is too long and doesn’t fit in the towel. It’s a problem that I always encounter with the usual hair towel size. However, usually the smaller hair towel don’t stay on my head because my hair is too long and too big for the towel, the towel simply unwraps itself and falls. This is a problem I don’t have with the Eve towel as it cannot unwrap itself. Indeed, if you secure the end of the towel in the strip, it stays in place.

I would like it if the towel was a tad bigger, but seeing as my hair is almost completely wrapped up in the towel and considering the fact that it stays in place securely, I’m quite happy with it.

I also like that with this system I don’t feel like the towel is tugging at my hair around the forehead. It might also be due to the fact that I usually use regular sized towels that are bigger and thus heavier, but all in all, I find this towel more convenient and comfortable than what I’m used to. I’m pretty sure that I’m going to keep on using it regularly.

As for the bath towel, I’m not quite as convinced by the system. Because the strip of fabric isn’t elastic, gravity usually still manages to pull the towel to the ground.

That being said, although it isn’t a miracle solution to the slipping towel problem, it’s still much better than a regular towel.

I also realised afterwards that if you feed the corner of the towel from the bottom up and pull it upwards (as the model does on their website here) rather than feeding it from the top down and pulling downwards like I did, it stays in place longer. It also makes it easier to tighten it as you can pull it up to make it more secure.

All in all, I wouldn’t say that these Eve towels have changed my life. Their fastening system is interesting and does work better than regular towels but it sadly isn’t revolutionary. That being said they are much softer and fluffier than the towels we bough at Ikea when we moved and that’s really nice after a shower.

What do you use for your hair ? And to avoid being naked when your towel slips to the ground ?


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