Lush Diary #53 | Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb | Christmas Collection

A new week means a new bath bomb to talk about. I keep on indulging in our little flat where the temperature rarely reaches above 18.5°C and where the tip of my nose is often cold. But I’m not complaining, it’s the perfect excuse to take baths (and the price to pay to live in a gorgeous old building.)

During one of my most recent baths, I used a jelly bomb, the one that was part of the Christmas collection and that’s called Snow Fairy.

For those of you who don’t know, jelly bombs are the latest addition to Lush’s range of bath products. They’re a new category of bath bombs if you want.

The jelly bombs are essentially like traditional fizzy bath bombs but with the addition of algae extracts. The algae will create a jelly on top of the water when the bomb fizzes away. The jelly, that melts entirely after a few minutes, is meant to hydrate the skin (and make the bath more fun ?)

From what I’ve seen online, it seems like Lush is having some consistency problems with the jelly bombs. Apparently, some work just fine (like the two I’ve tried so far) and some don’t fizz away completely (the algae/jelly part remains completely solid.

I haven’t had that kind of problem at all, be it with Snow Fairy or Ectoplasm which I review this autumn.

As the name may suggest, Snow Fairy has the same scent as the famous shower gel with the same name. If you don’t like that scent run away, if you do, run to the store !

Personally I love it. Not too often, but I do love it !

Other than that, I really want to just shut up and leave you to look at the incredible pink show that jelly bomb created in my bath tub. Honestly I couldn’t say it better than the pictures. Isn’t it gorgeous ?!

In my last post about the Ectoplasm jelly bomb, I was wondering whether that jelly on top of the water that doesn’t last very long at all was really worth it. Indeed the jelly bomb are quite a bit more expensive than the other bath bombs.

And the question remains. But I think that Snow Fairy offers such a wonderful sight that I might repurchase it. As a special treat. I’m still not sure that the jelly is really worth it. It makes the bath a little more fun, a little disgusting (in a good way) and it certainly doesn’t bother me, but perhaps I wish it could last a little longer before melting away completely.

All in all I really like this pink show, and I love the scent of Snow Fairy, so I think that for these reasons I would recommend it. But I still think that the jelly bombs are a little too expensive for a little bit of jelly in the water.

Have you tried jelly bombs ? What do you think ?


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