Acids for your Face | The secret to glowy, luminous and clear skin | Pixi, Alpha H & The Ordinary

Today we’re going to talk about acids, and no, I don’t intend to tell you about a bad trip in the corner of a dodgy club. We’re going to talk about acids that go on your face (also known as AHA and BHA) and that can be very helpful to achieve clearer skin, with smoother texture, and to get rid of scars.

Acids will actually work like a chemical exfoliant. As opposed to a mechanical exfoliant that has gritty bits, a chemical exfoliant works with acids (often glycolic acid) that eat away the dead skin cells and help cell regeneration. I’ve tried three different chemical exfoliants and I want to share my experience with you.

The first exfoliant is the Alpha H Liquid Gold that I’ve been using for years. I’ve been using it for so long that I’ve had it in three different packagings. I ordered it on Beauty Bay for the first time years ago when all the youtubers/bloggers where raving about it. They were saying that it really helped with acnee.

I must say that out of the three products I’m going to talk about today, it’s my favourite. When I had a lot of acnee, I would use it every other night to help my skin fight off blemishes and help them heal quicker. I’m absolutely convinced that it really helps !

But it does have its downside, one being the price (though I personally use it without a cotton pad to use less product and make my bottle last longer), the other the fact that it contains alcohol. I know for a fact that it is a product that won’t work on sensitive skin as it can be quite strong.

I personally don’t have a problem with the alcohol in it, and it works very well on my skin. I apply it at night on clean skin without anything else before or after. The next morning my skin is smoother, clearer and much, much softer. What’s more is that it doesn’t leave dehydrated or dry even though I don’t use a night cream on top of it.

Compared to the Pixi Glow Tonic that I will mention later, it stings a lot when you apply it. I’ve tried to look online how much glycolic acid they both contain and I’m pretty sure that it’s 5% for both. However, I feel like the liquid gold does a lot more for my skin.

The second product I ordered because everybody was raving about this extremely cheap brand, it’s the The Ordinary AHA 30% + BHA 2% peeling solution.

If the liquid gold above is a night treatment, this one is a mask. You apply the red liquid all over your face (avoiding the eye area) and you rince it off after 10 minutes.

When you apply this one it really stings. A lot. It’s almost unbearable. It doesn’t last longer than a minutes but when you first apply it, it’s difficult not to rince if off straight away.

As for the result on my skin, I must say that I’m a little unsure. I’m not quite as convinced as I am by the other two. I think that the fact that it is a mask isn’t great because I always forget to integrate it into my routine which may have an effect on its efficiency. But I must also say that I never really woke up the morning after using it thinking that my skin was greatly improved.

However, I guess that if you never really use chemical exfoliant, it might be more powerful for you, whereas my skin is already used to me using chemical exfoliants almost every day.

Finally, the third product is the famous Pixi Glow Tonic* that I got sent when the brand was launched in Switzerland in Marionnaud.

The glow tonic is more similar to the liquid gold in that you apply in at night on clean skin. However, when you use the glow tonic you can use the rest of your skincare routine on top, as per usual.

The other good thing about the glow tonic is that it doesn’t contain alcohol. In fact, when you look at the ingredients, you can see straight away that you can understand what they all are, which is refreshing.

I’ve used it every night for several weeks as a toner before my usual night time routine, and I think that it’s really good. It almost doesn’t sting at all when you apply it and smells really nice. However, I must admit that the results on the skin aren’t quite as impressive as with the liquid gold. I’m sure that it helps with my scars and breakouts, and makes my skin clearer, but it’s not quite as potent.

However, if you don’t like alcohol in cosmetics, or if you have sensitive skin, I think that it’d be a much better choice for you. Personally, I still use it everyday, and use the liquid gold instead when I feel like my skin needs a slightly more intense treatment.

All in all, I’m convinced that chemical peels do help my skin, but I also think that some are better than others. But most importantly, we all need to find the one that works the best for us. However, if you use acids on your face, don’t forget to use sunscreen as they make you skin much more sensitive to sun damage !

I hope that this little presentation of my three acid based exfoliant helped you find your way in the cosmetics jungle !

Other than that, next on my list of chemical exfoliants to try are the Glossier Solution (I’m very interested by the brand in general though the massive amount of hype it gets tends to annoy me) and the Pixi Glow Peel Pads that contain 20% of glycolic acid.

Do you know about chemical exfoliants ? Do you use them ?


*press sample