Gift Idea for a Friend | The cutest set in the Nars x Man Ray Collection

Whoops … I’ve disappeared again. I got a bit carried away with work, and my niece coming over, and life in general. But I’m back to tell you about a few gift ideas I have and a few of the products I’ve been loving lately.

The first gift idea comes from Nars and is in my opinion the perfect gift for a friend. Every holiday season, Nars launches a new collection and this year it’s in collaboration with the artist Man Ray. The collection is made out of several sets and palettes, as well as a highlighter that was pretty much instantly sold out.

The set that I’m going to talk about today is called Love Triangle and is available in 5 different shades. The one you can see on the pictures is the Love Triangle in Impassioned*.

Each little triangle contains a mini blush and mini lipstick. And we all know that mini products make every cosmetics addict go crazy. On the one hand because they’re convenient (to travel, to store, to discover new things without breaking the bank, etc.) but mostly because they’re super duper cute !

The Impassioned set contains the blush in the shade impassioned, which is a pale pink with a slight mauve hue to it. It’s completely matte and therefore really easy to wear. What’s more is that we all know that Nars blushers are great.

The lipstick in the set is the shade Anna from the Audacious lipstick range. It’s a fairly wearable shade as it’s quite neutral but still darker than a nude. It reminds me a little of the shade plumful from MAC, which is one of my favourite lipsticks.

All in all I find this little set super cute and if my girlfriends were more into makeup I’d get them that for Christmas. As it’s unfortunately not the case, it’ll be my pleasure to keep it !

As for the rest of the collection, I must say that I’m not a huge fan of the two palettes, and the other products have not really impressed me, at least not on paper (which is great news for my wallet) but I always check out every collection Nars launches because the palette are usually amazing. However, I must say that the set of 4 lip pencils could end up in my online basket. Not sure yet. And if you want to see the whole collection and see for yourself, click here.

Have you bought anything from this collection ? And more importantly, what are you getting your friends for Christmas ?


*press sample