Gift Idea for a Kid | Lush Rainbow Fun

For the next instalment in my mini series of gift ideas, I’m going to talk to you about a present I bought for a member of my family. That’s why I didn’t completely unwrapped it for the pictures.

I chose this Rainbow of Fun from Lush for my 18 months old niece.

Fun is a product that is available in various colours and scents, and is a multi-use product. Each fun has at least three colours and each colour has a different scent.

Fun is meant for children and part of the money from the sale of Fun is used for a fund to help children who don’t have very fun lives after the incident in Fukushima. Fun can be used by children aged 12 months and older.

The texture of Fun is like modelling clay, and it’s one of the uses of Fun. Children (and adults) can play with Fun and create shapes in the bath or elsewhere.

Beyond that, Fun can be used as a bubble bath, but also simply as a shampoo and shower gel. Just like every other Lush product, it’s really efficient at creating loads of bubbles in the bath, and it colours the water too which makes it even more fun for kids.

When my niece came to visit us this autumn, her parents used my Fun for her bath. She really liked the bubbles in her bath and the coloured water.

I showed her the three colours that I had so that she could choose herself (helps to teach kids about colours and scents) and each night she chose the colour and scent for her bath. We could clearly see that she enjoyed that.

That’s also why I chose the Rainbow Fun out of all the Fun’s available as it contains the biggest choice of colours. You can see all the Fun’s available here. I’m really excited to hear her say “whoooooo” when she opens her gift.

What are you getting the kids in your life ?


  • J’ai entendu de la part de mon beau-frère que l’arc-en-ciel était aussi un grand succès auprès de ma nièce.
    Gros bisous