Gift Idea for a Kid | Lush Rainbow Fun

For the next instalment in my mini series of gift ideas, I’m going to talk to you about a present I bought for a member of my family. That’s why I didn’t completely unwrapped it for the pictures.

I chose this Rainbow of Fun from Lush for my 18 months old niece. (more…)

Gift Idea for a Lady | Elie Saab Le Parfum Edition Feuilles d’or

I rarely ever talk about perfume on the blog for two reasons: the first is that I can’t describe scents to save my life, and the second is that, more often than not, perfumes smell great on the little paper samples but change in contact with my skin and start to smell weird.

That being said, considering how rarely I talk about perfume, it’s the second time I’m talking about one of Elie Saab’s fragrances. I think that I get along particularly well with his scents. I’ve pretty much liked every single one I’ve smelled and so far not one of them has started smelling weird on me. Last time I was telling you all about his rose fragrance (read more about it here) and I still love it.

Today, however, we’re talking about this year’s Christmas limited edition, Elie Saab Le Parfum Edition Feuilles d’Or*. (more…)

Gift Idea for a Friend | The cutest set in the Nars x Man Ray Collection

Whoops … I’ve disappeared again. I got a bit carried away with work, and my niece coming over, and life in general. But I’m back to tell you about a few gift ideas I have and a few of the products I’ve been loving lately.

The first gift idea comes from Nars and is in my opinion the perfect gift for a friend. Every holiday season, Nars launches a new collection and this year it’s in collaboration with the artist Man Ray. The collection is made out of several sets and palettes, as well as a highlighter that was pretty much instantly sold out.

The set that I’m going to talk about today is called Love Triangle and is available in 5 different shades. The one you can see on the pictures is the Love Triangle in Impassioned*. (more…)