Tried and Tested | The Nars Velvet Matte Foundation Stick

2017 will have been the year when I kept founding my favourite foundation ever. It’s quite unusual for me because for the longest time I was struggling to find a foundation that I liked, never mind one that I loved. But this year I found a bunch that I really enjoy.

It all started in January when I included the YSL le teint encre de peau foundation in my top 5 beauty products of 2016. Then, this spring I talked to you about the Shiseido Synchro Skin and Synchro Skin Glow foundations that were even better for a natural or luminous finish.

Finally this autumn I stumbled upon the new Nars stick foundation, the Velvet Matte Foundation*. This is the reason I’m here again, talking about yet another ‘best foundation I’ve tried.

Usually I wouldn’t go for a stick foundation. I always think that they’re going to be thick, cakey, hard to blend and that you end up with a very thick layer of foundation.

But when Nars does a stick foundation, it’s a whole other story apparently. This Velvet Matte Stick foundation isn’t thick, cakey or hard to blend. With such a good formula, the stick form is much more convenient !

On one side of the stick you have the foundation and on the other, a little sponge. On a daily basis I prefer to use my beauty blender because it’s softer and bigger than the little sponge included. However, the little sponge is great for on-the-go touch-ups and it really does a good job.

I really like the stick form because I can apply quickly straight to my face without having to put foundation on my fingers. Then I blend it all with my sponge and it takes me two minutes to do my base.

As you can see on the picture below, the result is natural (you can still see my imperfections) but the coverage is medium and covers redness really well. The foundation in itself is almost imperceptible. The finish isn’t exactly matte, but rather velvety (as the name would suggest.)

My skin has become slightly less oily than it used to be, but I’ve realised that with this foundation I hardly need to repowder throughout the day. Usually I apply a little bit of powder in the afternoon but I find that the finish turns to glowy rather than greasy and I honestly like how it looks all day long.

It’s actually quite straightforward, I have used this foundation pretty much everyday since the first time I’ve tried it. It’s convenient, looks great on my skin, and lasts all day. What else could I ask for ?

Its only drawback is the fact that you go through it quite quickly. After a month and a half, it’s very nearly all gone. And seeing as it costs over CHF60.-, it’s not going to be pleasant to repurchase a new one every two months.

So if you have a suggestion for a great foundation, possibly cheaper than YSL, Shiseido or Nars, I’m all ears. All these foundations are great and the Nars one is probably the best of the three, but none of them are good for my budget.

What’s your favourite foundation ?


*press sample