Lush Diary #51 | Thundersnow | Christmas Collection

As previously mentioned, I’m done with the Halloween Lush bath bombs, so it’s time to move on to the Christmas collection.

I’m currently writing a post on the snowy landscapes of Islands, so it’s only appropriate that I talk to you about a bath bomb called Thundersnow*.

I bought this bath bomb when I read that it smelled of cocoa and mint because Mister loves After Eight’s (those little chocolates filled with mint. ew) The Brits love to pair mint and cocoa and though I really don’t like this pairing, I wanted to try this bath bomb.

Fortunately this bath bomb isn’t bad at all, despite the unlikely pairing, on the contrary. From the outside it looks a little like the earth with oceans and land.

When I smelled it in the store, I could only smell the sweet scent of cocoa. When we used it in the bath, Mister smelled mint straight away but I had quite a bad cold and couldn’t smell anything.

When he put his hand in the water he also noticed the light warming/refreshing sensation that mint can create on the skin. I didn’t feel it but he did.

In terms of the show, it was quite amazing, and it is indeed a bit like a snow storm.

When you first put the bomb in the water, it drops to the bottom of the tub and the water turns blue very quickly. It’s a gorgeous aide of blue !

On top of the blue water you can see a bit a green-ish foam that slowly disappears. But it is once the blue part of the bath bomb has completely disappeared that the show really starts.

In the middle of the bath bomb, there is a white part. Once the blue part of the bath bomb has entirely fizzed away, the white part floats back to the surface.

It is this white part that creates the snow storm effect on the surface of the water as you can see on the picture below.

I must have blanked out for a while because I just took this one picture of the show and then tucked my camera away and jumped in the bath, when in fact the show lasted for a while as the white part of the bath bomb melts away very slowly. As it does it creates beautiful white patterns on the blue water.

All in all, even if I could sort of smell something that resembled cocoa and something that resembled mint, the result was still really really nice. But in my opinion, what makes this bath bomb really worth it is the snowy show it create on the water that lasts for a really long time and that you can enjoy in your bath.

Are you tempted ?


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