Lush Diary #50 | Bewitched | Halloween Collection

We’re on our way to Christmas now (we can even say the c-word) and though Halloween’s season’s technically over, I’ve still got one bath bomb from the Halloween Lush collection to talk to you about. I’m a little bit late but when I last checked, the collection was still available (at least online.)

This last Halloween bath bomb of the year is a bubble bar called Bewitched*.

Bewitched is –as you can see– a little cat’s head with big yellow eyes. It’s purr-fect (hahaha) for Halloween and very very cute !

As per usual, I only used half of the bubble bar for my bath, so that I can get two baths out of it. I find that there’s enough bubbles, enough colour and enough smell.

Just like with every bubble bar I’ve tried from Lush, the amount of bubbles doesn’t disappoint. If you crumble you bubble bar under the running water you’ll get mountains of bubbles.

The water will turn black. Depending on how much of the bubble bar you used the water will be more or less dark. With half a bubble bar the water is almost completely black already. I really enjoyed the black water as I’d never had a black bath before and it’s very suited for Halloween. I also liked the fact that despite the darkness of the water I wasn’t left with any residue on the bathtub afterwards.

As for the scent … well same problem as usual, you’ll know it by now, I’m completely unable to describe scents. The press release mentions bergamot, blackberry and incense, and even if I’m unable to smell these specifically I can telly you that it smelled great !

Last little detail, as with Pink Pumpkin, the bubbles of Bewitched have rainbows in them which is beautiful ! I even managed to capture it on camera as you can see below:

All in all I would recommend Bewitched for its unusual colour that doesn’t leave any residue in the tub, its pleasant smell and the amount of rainbow bubbles it creates.

Have you tried Bewitched ?


*press sample