Lush Diary #48 | Ectoplasm | Halloween Collection

As promised on my instagram last weekend, I’m here to talk about something that’s doubly new from Lush. This bath bomb is a new type of bath bomb, it’s a jelly bomb, and it’s also a new member of the Halloween Lush family.

This Jelly bath Bomb from the Halloween collection is called Ectoplasm*.

To start off with, let me tell you a little more about the jelly bombs. If I’m not mistaken they were launched this summer and there were 4 of them: a blue one, an orange one, a black one and a green one. This summer I bought the black and the green one but I haven’t used them yet.

The 4 original jelly bombs are part of the permanent collection (I think), and Ectoplasm is the jelly bomb for the Halloween collection so won’t be around that long. As you can see, it’s pale yellow and purple and has a little ghost on it.

Each jelly bomb shares the same design (one base colour with big dots and a little symbol on one side.)

The idea behind the jelly bombs is that they contain algae that, when the bath bomb melts in the water, creates a layer of jelly on top of the water. This jelly will dissolve entirely eventually but in the meantime it’s meant to hydrate the skin.

As soon as I dropped Ectoplasm in the water, a vivid scent of orange zest hit my nostrils. It’s a very real scent, just as if you were indeed grating orange zest. The scent is very strong while the bomb dissolves into the water but it fades gradually.

As the bath bomb was melting, I could see yellow and purple, and sometimes little bits of red. It’s almost ugly to be honest but at the same time it’s very halloween-y. I mean it does look like a potion bubbling in a witch’s caldron after all.

After watching the bath bomb melt away for a while, I started to wonder where the jelly was because I couldn’t see any. But when I picked up what was left of the bath bomb I found the jelly.

It’s a bit gross no ? And the bath water in general is like that, you don’t necessarily see that there’s something on the surface but if you put your hand in the water you can feel it, and then you can see it on the skin, as in the picture below. It kind of looks like snot no ? Eheh.

As for the bath, in the end it looks dirty yellow. It’s not the most interesting but again, it works with Halloween. The scent of orange zest fades progressively and is quite nice throughout. However, what I found a little disappointing is that the jelly disappears very quickly. If you don’t like it or are afraid that it might leave a residue on your bath tub, don’t worry, it doesn’t. But if like me you actually quite like this gross/funny jelly, you might also be disappointed to see how quickly it dissolves in the water.

All in all, I really liked the show when the jelly bomb was melting, it was very halloween-y, and the scent of orange zest is very pleasant. I’m a bit disappointed that the jelly disappears so quickly, but it was fun while it lasted. Also, if you get into your bath when you pop the jelly bomb into the water (unlike me who spends ages taking pictures) you might be able to enjoy the jelly longer.

I found the overall experience quite nice, but I think that for the first time I’m wondering if a lush product isn’t overpriced. Each Jelly Bomb costs CHF12.50 and I’m not sure that I would buy it again. However I’m still going to use the other two that I bought before giving you my final thoughts.

What about you, what do you think of the jelly bombs ?


*press sample