Lush Diary #46 | Chick’n’Mix | Easter Collection

I believe that I warned you on my social medias, but in case you missed it, I took a lot of baths while finishing my memoire and this means that I have a ton of bath bombs to talk about. Fortunately bath season is on its way so at least it’s relevant.

Unfortunately, like the last one I talked about, this bath bomb is not on trend as it was part of the Easter collection, but I still want to talk about it, and as the Halloween collection just came out, I’ll be able to talk about it soon.

In the meantime, here’s another 3-in-1 bath bomb. After Which Came First, let me introduce you to Chick’n’Mix*.

Indeed this bath bomb is fairly similar to the last one I talked about. Just like Which Came First, it’s a 3-in-1 bath bomb that’ll allow you to enjoy it for 1, 2 or 3 baths and it’s also part of the Easter collection.

However, this one isn’t pink (if that’s something you don’t like) and the smell is obviously different.

One drawback with this bath bomb is that it’s quite fragile, so if you buy it as a gift or intend to take pictures of it, you’ll have to be very gentle with it, otherwise it might break.

When it comes to how to split it, it’s fairly straightforward. You can do one bath with the head of the chick, one with the bottom (blue) and one with the little orange egg hidden inside. There should be a bunny engraved on the little egg, unfortunately mine’s rubbed off.

I started by using the head of the chick and I was really surprised to see the colour of my bath. It was insane !

I was expecting it to be a light yellow, and as we all already know, I’m not a fan of yellow baths. However, it didn’t turn light yellow, it turned bright neon yellow.

It doesn’t come out quite as vivid on camera as it did in real life, but you can still see that it looks like I’ve emptied a neon yellow highlighter pen in my bath.

Yellow still isn’t my favourite colour, but the intensity of that yellow was so impressive that I almost loved it. To get that kind of intensity in a bath bomb really impressed me and I quite liked it in the end.

For the next bath, I wanted to see what would happen if I mixed the last two parts I had left. Retrospectively, that wasn’t a very smart things to do. You’ll see why.

Above, you can sort of guess the engraved bunny on the little orange egg, and below, you can see the blue part of the bath bomb.

Without thinking too much, I put them one into the other before popping them in the bath and the result ended up being really pretty !

Unlike the yellow part of this bath bomb that doesn’t really look the same once in the bath, the blue and orange parts look blue and orange in the water.

But I’ll say no more, the pictures are more powerful than my words. Just enjoy the bath art I accidentally created.

Obviously, the drawback with mixing orange and blue is that you end up with a sort of brown that isn’t the most appealing colour. But the show before that was so pretty that it was almost worth it.

All in all, my final opinion is very similar to the one I had about Which Came First. I find that it’s a great bath bomb to buy as a gift because the concept is cute and you can enjoy it three times unlike most bath bombs that usually last one bath. The colours are pretty (though I’m not sure you should mix them) and it smells nice. I think that I won’t repurchase it for myself, but I’m very likely to get it as a gift for someone else.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample