The Lush Halloween Collection for 2017

It’s that time of the year again !!! That time when we can go back to our favourite Lush shops and fill our baskets with their Halloween goodies !

I got sent a few of their new products and I’m going to present them to you, but I’ll also take this opportunity to mention a few products that have made a come back

The first thing I saw when I opened my parcel is the new bubble bar called Bewitched*. It’s a black cat’s head with big yellow eyes.

According to the press release, it smells of incense, bergamot and blackberries and I can’t wait to draw myself a black bubbly bath.

Edit: Reviewed here.

The second product was actually already in my bathroom, it’s the Lord Of Misrule shower gel that I’ve refrained from using since last year because I didn’t want to run out while it was unavailable.

With the rose scent, the scent of Lord of Misrule is one of my favourite scents from Lush. It’s a gorgeous blend of spices. There’s also a bath bomb that shares this scent, that’s also called Lord of Misrule and that’s available for Halloween and Christmas. I talked about it here.

I’m really excited to try the next of bath bomb that’s called Ectoplasm* and that’s a jelly bomb. Jelly bombs are made of algae and create a layer of jelly on top of the water that hydrates the skin.

I’ll tell you more about it once I’ve tried it, but the press release says that it smells of tangerine, grapefruit and verbena.

Edit : reviewed here.

Finally, the last product in my parcel was a bubble bar called Pink Pumpkin*.

I told you about Sparkly Pumpkin here because I loved its spicy scent. In fact I loved it so much that I gad bought more to do a giveaway and share them with you.

This new pink version smells of geranium and bergamot as well as jasmin. Another specificity is the shape of the ‘glitter’ that covers it: it looks like mermaid’s scales. As you can see below.

Edit: Reviewed here.

And that’s about all I can say now. Once I’ve tried them I’ll report back (as per usual).

But if you want to know more about Lush’s past Halloween collections, don’t hesitate to type in ‘Halloween’ in the search bar to find out more about the bath bombs I’ve already reviewed.

Have you tried the new releases ?


*press samples