Discovering Forêt Bleue | Swiss Cosmetics, Natural and Local

Hello, hello ! Today I’m here to talk to you about swiss, handmade, natural, cosmetic brand created in Geneva and that respects the environment.

When I first landed on the website of Forêt Bleue, I immediately fell in love with the aesthetics of the brand, and as their ethic is brilliant, I agreed to try some of their products to talk to you about them.

So I tried a makeup removing oil, a scrub, a body butter, a solid perfume, a solid deodorant and a traditional soap.

Huile démaquillante Calendula*, CHF 19.95

This is the product that I was most excited about trying because I love to remove my makeup with balms and oils. Unfortunately, this product and I don’t really go along.

I’ll start with the positive though. This oil feels very soft on the skin, the scent is subtle and pleasant, it melts away makeup effortlessly and it doesn’t sting the eyes. We were off to a good start.

Unfortunately, when it came to rinsing it off, it didn’t emulsify at all in contact with water and this made it impossible to get rid of. You can use a wet cloth/coton/muslin to ‘rinse it off’ but I feel like there’s always a thin layer of oil left on the skin. When you massage the oil into the skin it feels very oily, and as my skin tends to be oily, it’s not something that I love, especially if it doesn’t rinse off.

The sensation reminds me a little of the Lush Ultrabland cleanser (reviewed here) that a lot of people love but that doesn’t work for me. I don’t like this very oily sensation on my skin and I don’t like feeling like I can’t get rid of it completely.

That being said, if you have dry skin, it must be very pleasant ! And as I was saying, the smell is really nice, it removes makeup easily and it doesn’t sting the eyes though it leaves a little bit of a veil when you rinse it off.

All in all, it’s a very good makeup removing oil, I just really don’t like the texture of it.

Gommage Jasmin*, CHF 22.95

The second product I was most impatient to try was the jasmin scrub. I really like scrubs in general and I love trying out new ones. Especially if they smell of jasmin.

However, when I saw that it was meant to be for the face and the body, I became a little skeptical. In my opinion, a scrub can’t be good both for the face and the body. Unless you like really aggressive scrubs on your face (probably not recommended) or very soft scrubs on your body (I don’t), a scrub that’ll be scruby enough for the body will probably be too strong for the face, and a scrub that’s gentle enough for the face will probably be too gentle on the body.

I started by using it on my face, and I did find that it was a bit aggressive, though it wasn’t as bad as I’d feared. However, there’s oil in this scrub and, as it had been the case with the makeup removing oil, I couldn’t get rid of the oil on my face, which I didn’t like.

That being said, on the body, it’s an amazing (amazing!) scrub !!! I often talk about the Rituals scrub which are, by far, my favourite, and this scrub from Forêt Bleue is the only one I’ve tried that’s as good as the one from Rituals ! Like the Rituals scrubs it has just the right amount of scrubbiness and as it has oil in, it nourishes the skin at the same time which is lovely.

So I’m not going to use this scrub on my face again, but I love using it on my body as it’s scrubby enough, it nourishes my skin well and it smells great !

Beurre corporel Coco*, CHF29.95

I love the scent of coconut and that’s partly why I was impatient to try this product. Unfortunately, the coconut scent is a bit too subtle for my liking. The scent is still nice, and subtle, but it doesn’t really smell like coconut to me.

However, the texture is great. It’s a solid butter that when it melts has a consistency that’s a bit like water. It spreads easily on the skin and sinks in very quickly. You won’t have to stand in your bathroom naked for 10 minutes waiting for it to stop being sticky.

Other than that, I don’t have the driest skin in the world, but I find that this body butter is very good at hydrating my skin and the effect lasts longer than with most body lotions.

All in all I really like this product though I wish the coconut scent was a bit stronger.

Déodorant solide agrumes*, CHF 12.95

It’s the second solid deodorant I’v ever tried. I had started with Lush Aromaco because Myrtilla had told me how great it was and I reviewed it here. I was really happy with it for several months but all of a sudden it stopped working on me and I started to stink. So I got a little traumatised and decided to go back to traditional deodorants.

However, when I saw that Forêt Bleue had a solid deodorant, I decided that it was time to try again. And so far, so good.

The deodorant is shaped like a little cone that you rub on your armpits when you get out of the shower. As easy as that. It’s easy to use and as I was saying, it seems to be working well enough. I’ve tried it on relaxed days at home, during mental 10 hour shifts at the restaurant and during hot yoga (that’s yoga in a room at 40°C) and I haven’t had any problem.

I also really like that the scent is so subtle that once I’ve applied it I can’t smell it anymore. When I used to use Aromaco, my boyfriend could smell it from across the table when we were eating. That was intense. And I prefer it when my deodorant is not fighting with my perfume.

Parfum solide Rose*, CHF29.95

The next product is a solid rose perfume. If you follow on social media, you’ll know that the rose scent from Lush is one of my absolute favourite scent in the world, and so I wanted to try another rose scent.

Compared to Lush, this one is much less sweet, the rose fragrance from Forêt Bleue smells more like real rose that you would smell in a garden.

It comes in a little pot and you apply it on your skin. The scent is nice, as long as you like the scent of roses, and I like to have it in my bag to use it whenever I feel like it. The only downside is that it doesn’t last really long on me. But I prefer that to a perfume that’s too strong for too long.

Savon Chèvrefeuille*, CHF 8.95

Finally, the last product that I’ve tried is the honeysuckle soap. To be honest I don’t use a lot of solid soap, apart from when I’m cleaning my makeup brushes. But the Forêt Bleue soaps are so pretty that I couldn’t resist.

The honeysuckle scent is very nice and I feel like it’s much more efficient than most soaps to clean my brushes. I hope that you don’t find that it’s an heresy to clean my brushes with such a nice soap but I can tell you that my brushes are very happy. And mostly very clean and very soft.

And that’s it for the products I’ve tried from Forêt Bleue. I hope that this was helpful and that it made you want to discover the brand. It’s a really nice brand with gorgeous aesthetics, great ethics and beautiful products that work and respect the environment.

And if I had to choose just one product to recommend, I’d go with the scrub. It truly is amazing !

Have you tried the brand ? Tempted ?


*press samples