Unboxing Video | The Wonder Cocotte Subscription Box

A few weeks back, I got the September issue* of the Wonder Cocotte subscription box in order to share my experience with you. The concept isn’t new, even in Switzerland, it’s your basic, pick a subscription and get a box full of goodies at home every month.

But what I immediately liked about this box was the name and that’s partly why I agreed to talk about it. As for the idea behind this box, its founder, Lili, wants to share with us the little things that make us happy and can improve our daily life.

So what I suggest is that you start by watching my short unboxing video, so that you can see what it’s like to open the box, and then keep on reading and I’ll give you my opinion on everything in the box and on the box itself.

The first object that I pulled out of the box is a waterproof speaker so that you can listen to music in the shower (for instance). Personally I almost always listen to music in the shower, so you’d think that I’d find it to be a good idea, but actually I usually just grab my phone or laptop in the bathroom and I don’t think that I need an extra objet to listen to music in the shower.

But what’s really bothering me about this object is the price stated in the brochure that comes with the box. It says that this little speaker is worth CHF39.90 whereas I found the same one online for £5.99 (which is about CHF8.-). I don’t want to say that Lili is trying to “rob us” because she may be the one who got ripped off, but I find this annoying. It leaves me uneasy and not sure what to think.

The second object is my favourite in the box, it’s a little gold plated bracelet from the brand Bazaar Exquis. It’s exactly my type of jewellery and I know that I’ll be wearing it very often.

Then I found a little solid shampoo from the brand Kokym. Kokym is a swiss brand that makes handmade cosmetics. It’s like a more grown up, Swiss version of Lush I’d say. I haven’t used any of their products yet, but my boyfriend and I both use solid shampoos, usually from Lush, and I’m sure that we’ll use this one too.

I’m absolutely convinced that solid shampoos are much more convenient for travelling and I like that this makes us discover a Swiss brand like Kokym. And even if you already know the brand, I don’t think this is a problem as pretty much everyone uses shampoo regularly.

The next thing is a little bag of tea from Tekoe. I already know and looooove their moroccan green tea and their earl grey (my mum is absolutely addicted to it !) but I didn’t know this one. I drink a lot of tea and I’m very excited to try a new one. Also, tea is a great idea to put in the september box as the winter months are upon us. And it allows us to discover another Swiss brand which is nice.

Then, in a little paper sachet, I found a ‘wonder mantra’. These are little cards that you collect each month. This one reads ‘Gimme a Break’. Lili suggests that we take it around with us to remind ourselves not to be overwhelmed by others or by our own negative thoughts. It’s sort of a little bonus in the box.

I then found the book ‘la femme parfaite est un connasse’ (the perfect woman is a silly b*itch). It’s a book that I’ve read and that made me laugh, but it’s a bit silly to include a book that’s been out for so long because I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s already read it.

And finally, at the bottom of the box, there was a little pouch decorated with watermelon slices. I’m not sure what I think about pouches because on the one hand they always come in handy, but on the other hand I already have so many that I’m not that excited. This is also probably due to the fact that I’m not a huge fan of the design, but that’s very personal. Other than that it looks very well made and sturdy.

All in all, compared to the other subscription boxes I’ve seen online, this one looks more appealing to me. I don’t feel like I’m getting ripped off as was the case with La Petite Box (read more about it here).

That being said, I feel like the box could be made better by adding a theme to each month. The mantra of the month could even become the theme and it would tie it all together. I mean this month we’re quite close with the Gimme a Break mantra: Leave me alone with my cuppa and I’ll have my music in my shower. Then you’d just add to swap the book with one about “not giving a f*ck” for instance and you’re almost there.

The thing when you don’t have a theme is that you’re left with a bunch of things (albeit fairly nice things) that don’t really seem to belong together in one box. Other than that, when I read Mademoiselle B’s article on this box, I did find that she expressed her opinion very nicely and that she made a lot of good points. Even though my opinion is not quite as negative.

One more thing I’d like to say is about money. The box costs CHF59.-/month and the total value for September is over 140.- according to the leaflet. But that’s the thing according to the leaflet. Like I said, I went online and found the speaker for under 10.- (when the leaflet says it’s worth 40.-), the bracelet costs 35€ online (and CHF59.- in the leaflet, but the euro hasn’t been worth that much for a long time) and the pouch is also slightly overpriced in the leaflet at CHF24.- for 16€ online. That being said, even if you add up the revised prices, you get a total value of about CHF100 which is still cheaper than the box. However, I feel like someone is lying to me, trying to take advantage of me and I really really hate that.

Edit/Erratum: The founder of the box sent me links to swiss websites that show the products at the prices stated in the leaflet. It is possible to get the products cheaper online, but when looking at swiss-based websites, the products are priced as stated in the brochure. My apologies !

So that’s about it for my opinion. Do with it what you will but remember that each to their own. And if you want to try out the box for yourself, I’ll put the link to the various subscription options just here.

What about you ? What do you think of Wonder Cocotte ?


*press sample