Lush Diary #45 | Which Came First | Easter Collection

I’m back ! The first part of my memoire is done, I’ve handed it it on Sunday and now I’m getting ready to defend it on the 21st. After that I’ll be free.

But I’m already feeling a lot calmer and I have a little more free time so that I can come back and share with you some of my cosmetics discoveries.

I have a lot of bath bombs to talk about, I had a big collection and has the weather has been fairly cold I’ve been able to take quite a few baths.

The first bath bomb that I’ve used is Which Came First*.

Which Came First has been part of the Easter collection for quite a few years now and it comes back every year with a few twists in the design.

It’s a 3-in-1 bath bomb. You can open the egg and inside you’ll find a little chick. In theory, you can use each half to make two baths and the chick for a third bath.

I’ve had one bath with one of the halves, 1 bath with the little chick and broke the second half into two to get another two baths. The last two baths were lighter in colour and scent, but the pale pink was gorgeous.

When it comes to scent and colour, it’s a smell that I associate with a holiday spent in a little cottage in Devon and I love it. It’s very lush and very soft. It also goes very well with the colour.

When you use one half, the bomb fizzes away very quickly and the water turns a lovely shade of pink. Nothing special is happening while the bomb melts away.

On that point, I’d say that this bath bomb is very simple when using it, a lovely smell and gorgeous colour. However, it’s very interesting when you give it as a gift or buy it for yourself because it hides a surprise in the middle and it’ll last for 1 to 5 baths.

The bath I’ve done with the little chick turned a pastel shade of yellow and smells the same as the pink parts. I’m not a big fan of yellow baths but this one is so soft that it’s almost nice.

All in all, I find this bath bomb very pleasant. I really like the surprise on the inside, the scent is pleasant and the pastel shades are lovely.

It’s more than likely that it’s going to come back next year, so keep your eyes open.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample