I tried the Splash Masks from Blithe | The secret to soft skin

This summer Laetitia from eBeauty and Care introduced the water packs from Blithe in her online shop. She told me they were ‘splash masks’ and I was instantly curious. You see in my child-like mind, splash equals fun.

So I decided to try both masks that she sells on her shop, the Soothing and Healing Green Tea Water Pack* and the Rejuvenating Purple Berry Water Pack from Blithe.

As the name would suggest, you’re supposed to splash ‘splash masks’ on your face. They’re almost as liquid as water and they’re much more convenient than traditional masks in that you don’t have to let them sit on your skin. After about 15 seconds, you’re done ! There are several ways to do it:

You can pour a little of the mask in a bowl or the bathroom sink and add some water (the indications on the packaging are quite vague) and splash your face with it for about 15 seconds.

The drawback with this method is that you’re supposed to avoid the eye area, which is very difficult when you’re splashing your face with water.

The second way to use them is in the shower. You apply a little bit of the product onto your face and then you dilute it by patting your wet hands onto your face.

The third way was suggested to me by Laetitia and it’s to pour some into a spray bottle and add some water in order to use it like you would a toner.

With each way, you can pat dry your face after using it, or you can let it air-dry to make it even more effective.

I prefer to use it straight onto my face and add a little water with my hands, like the second method but I do it at the sink as well as in the shower. I then generally let it air dry to make sure that it’s as efficient as possible.

The Green Tea Water Pack is the first one I’ve tried and I was immediately blown away by the scent. It smells like a spa !

When using it, I immediately notice that my skin is smoother and softer, and I feel like it helps to calm everything down when I have a few angry, red blemishes.

The Purple Berry Water Pack on the other hand has a scent that I’m not a fan of. It smells quite strongly of a chemical red fruit sweet, and the scent lingers for a long time after using it. That being said, while using it, I thought it was even more impressive than the other one.

The feeling on the skin is the same in that it makes it very soft and smooth immediately. But I can also feel that it really hydrates my skin.

I read online that Charlotte found its hydrating power really impressive and I really wanted to try that out. So on a day when I wasn’t going to put any makeup on, I decided to use no other skincare than this one. I washed my face in the morning, used the water pack and that’s it. I found that it left my skin feeling very comfortable and I didn’t feel the need to apply a moisturiser. Day to day, I prefer to use my whole routine in the morning but it’s good to know that it’s really hydrating.

All in all, I really like these ‘splash masks’ and I can only recommend them ! Each one will give you instantly softer and smoother skin and then it’s a matter of choosing which one is more adapted to your skin’s needs (hydration or blemish-prone skin)

Both masks are available online at eBeauty and Care (where Laetitia will be happy to welcome you) and let me remind you that if you decide to order something from her website, you can enjoy 10% off your order with the code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES (there’s nothing in it for me, this is just a gift for you)

Do you know splash masks ? Are you tempted ?


*kindly gifted by Laetitia to allow me to discover it

  • First time I’m hearing about “splash” masks! I love taking time for myself while applying my masks, so not sure if I would like this type of product. But the tip to put it in a spray bottle is quite wise! 😉

    • En fait c’est un peu comme si c’était pas vraiment un masque. C’est comme si on pouvait rajouter une étape ultra rapide pour avoir autant d’effet qu’un masque. D’ailleurs je suis en train de me demande si ça serait pas une bonne idée de les utiliser avant un masque hydratant par exemple, pour exfolier juste avant pour augmenter l’efficacité du masque hydratant …
      Le seul inconvénient avec le spray par contre, c’est que c’est pas très agréable autours des yeux 🙁

  • Erica

    Does ur green tea one have small bits of white clear particles floating in it ?