I tried the Splash Masks from Blithe | The secret to soft skin

This summer Laetitia from eBeauty and Care introduced the water packs from Blithe in her online shop. She told me they were ‘splash masks’ and I was instantly curious. You see in my child-like mind, splash equals fun.

So I decided to try both masks that she sells on her shop, the Soothing and Healing Green Tea Water Pack* and the Rejuvenating Purple Berry Water Pack from Blithe. (more…)

Lush Diary #45 | Which Came First | Easter Collection

I’m back ! The first part of my memoire is done, I’ve handed it it on Sunday and now I’m getting ready to defend it on the 21st. After that I’ll be free.

But I’m already feeling a lot calmer and I have a little more free time so that I can come back and share with you some of my cosmetics discoveries.

I have a lot of bath bombs to talk about, I had a big collection and has the weather has been fairly cold I’ve been able to take quite a few baths.

The first bath bomb that I’ve used is Which Came First*. (more…)