I tried the Smith&Cult Nail Polishes | Review & Giveaway (closed)

It looks like I’m back with another kind of post that I hadn’t done in a long time. After the post where I’m showing you my face after months of being invisible, here comes the post talking about nail polish.

But not just any nail polish, the gorgeous, and oh-so-luxurious, Smith&Cult nail polishes. When I was offered to try them and talk about them on the blog AND to have a giveaway so that you too can discover them, I accepted immediately.

That’s how I came to try their base, Basis of Everything*, their shade Fauntleroy* and their top coat Above it All*.

I’ll start with a little disclaimer: I hate this shade. Well perhaps hate is a bit of a strong word, but I don’t like purple in general, and I didn’t find this shade particularly flattering on my skin. That being said, I’ll put that fact aside and review the products without taking the shade into account.

What’s more is that it’s one of their best-sellers, so really I just have unusual taste.

What I really really like though is the looks of their bottles. They look absolutely gorgeous ! And unlike everything else out there.

I started my manicure by applying the base that’s slightly pink in the bottle but that seems to be completely transparent on the nails.

It applies easily and dries quickly. No need to wait before applying the first coat of colour.

I can’t say how effective it is at preventing the yellowing of nails when wearing red nail polish because I’ve only ever tried it with Fauntleroy and this shade doesn’t stain the nails.

I didn’t find the shade Fauntleroy as easy to apply at the base. The formula is a bit thick and doesn’t spread super evenly. The finish after one coat is quite uneven, and the nail polish looks thicker in some places.

After two coats, the finish is even, but a bit thick seeing as the formula is a bit thick too. I think that it’s at least partly due to the shade, as for a pale shade to be opaque it needs to be quite creamy and if it is creamy it tends to be a bit thicker.

I can’t be sure as so far it’s the only nail polish I’ve tried from the brand, but I’ve tried other pale creamy shades from other brands and it seems to often be an issue.

The brush is a little small in my opinion but still easy to use. And if you don’t like big brushes, like the Essie ones (which I love) you’ll be happier with this one.

The top coat, Above it All, applies just as easily as the base. It’s not thick at all and glides easily on top of the colour.

I feel like it made the colour look even more even and gave an incredible glossy finish. My manicure looked very professional (the finish, not the application, I still struggle to do my nails neatly) and it stayed glossy the whole time.

I find that more often than not, after a few days, my nail polish looks less shiny than it did at the beginning. But with this top coat (or perhaps this combination) my nail polish stayed super glossy the whole time.

The other thing that I really like about these nail polishes is that everything dried super quickly. I usually wait a few minutes between each coat before applying the next one, and after the last coat, I only had to wait about 15 minutes before it felt dry to the touch.

I still had to be a little careful and not apply too much pressure on my nails, but I could fonction normally, and run my fingers through my hair without any problem. I was impressed by how quickly it dried !

And now for the best part, I removed my nail polish after a whole week, because my nails had grown quite a bit, but they were not chipped at all. There was a little wear at the tips obviously but no chip ! And usually, I can only keep my nail polish for a few days before it starts chipping.

So … all in all :

I didn’t like : the shade (but that’s irrelevant), the brush could be a tad bigger and the formula was a bit thick so it wasn’t the most pleasant to apply

I loved : how quickly it dried, the super professional finish, the glossiness, and that it stayed on for so long !

So I can safely say that I now looove Smith&Cult. I think that I’m going to try another shade to see if it’s less thick, but for a nail polish that dries that quickly, that looks so nice the whole time and that lasts for a week, I can get over a slightly too thick formula.

So I’m really pleased to be able to offer you the chance to win a set of Smith&Cult nail polishes so that you can try them too.

By following the rules below you can win the set in the following picture* that contains 3 Smith&Cult nail polishes, and a nail file in a cute little pouch.

To take part in the giveaway you have to :

  • be subscribed to my newsletter (no spamming, just an email when I post something new)
  • like the Smith&Cult Switzerland facebook page
  • leave a comment below telling me that you’re taking part, with your email address and your facebook name (so that I can check that you’re subscribed to the newsletter, and like the page on facebook, and contact you if you win)
  • Live in Switzerland and be over 18 (or have your parent/guardian permission)

For more chances to win you can :

And that’s it. The giveaway is open from the time this post goes live, for two weeks, that is until the 9th of August at 23:59

Good Luck !

The winner is Jenny A. Thank you all for taking part !


*press samples

  • Charlotte Roberts

    Interesting! I’ve seen these nail polishes in Manor but never heard much about them. I’d love to take part in the giveaway. My email address is charlotte.roberts82@outlook.com and I follow on facebook under Charlotte Roberts

    • Fantastic ! Thank you for your entry and good luck !
      They’re really really nice so I hope you get a chance to try them, one way or another 🙂