A Sneak Peek into our Home | The Living Room and Dining Room

I’m back today with a new post about the inside of our flat. Last time, here, I gave you a little sneak peek into our bathroom, and today I’ll bring you along on a little tour of our living room/dining room.

Just like last time, I’m not going to show you everything, but rather little snippets of the things that I like the most. This post might be the first of two parts, because it was quite hard to only pick three things in this room.

I’ll start with the library, or rather the start of a library, that is also home to our two bespectacled penguins, Sam and Wilson.

In the middle of one of the walls is a sort of ‘niche’ that has been turned into a library. It wasn’t our idea, it was already there when we moved in.

But I immediately knew that that’s where I wanted to put my beautiful books, particularly those beautiful editions of some great classics. Alice in Wonderland, the complete Sherlock Holmes, as well as Jane Austen, Edgar Allan Poe, Frankenstein and Dracula (which is a fantastic read that I would highly recommend !)

As we didn’t have a lot of room in the car when we moved, we didn’t take many books with us, but we took the classics, the ones that look great and the tones we’re dying to read.

At the moment, the collection is growing rather fast because we started reading Agatha Christie. And if we want to read all of them, we’re going to need a bigger place to store them because she wrote a lot !

My next dream for this library is to find a beautiful edition of all the Harry Potter books.

The second thing is a candle, and more precisely a candle from the collection Voyage de Parfumeur by Lalique that’s called Le Volcan*.

I love candles, and I’ve put one (several) in each room. You will have seen one in the bathroom already, the Voluspa Baltique Amber that has a scent that’s to die for !

I’ve already mentioned Lalique candles on the blog this winter when I did my big Christmas giveaway, here. It’s only my second candle from the brand, but I’m really happy with them. The ones from this collection are tiny but they are mighty. It makes the whole room smell great in no time and it looks like it’s going to last a long time. What’s more is that the scent is just like I like them, warm and spicy.

But the best thing with this candle is when you light it up. They didn’t just put it in a black jar, but chose a cracked black glass that, paired with the red wax, makes the whole thing look like lava fresh out of a volcano. So the candle really deserves its name.

And yes … it’s the same shelf as we have in the bathroom … spoiler alert, there’s one in the guest bedroom too.

And finally, the one where I cheat a little, the detail that I like, on the corner that I love, on the dresser that we fell for. Yup, it’s a 3-in-1.

It’s a little corner that is in constant evolution. As I’m writing this post, the three little cacti on the right of the picture below have moved onto the table so that the chopping board behind them that has the Edinburgh skyline carved on it can shine.

This dresser is an antique from the 20’s that has been repainted by an artisan that has her shop 5 minutes from our flat. When we saw it in the window, we immediately liked it, so we quickly took some measurements and bought it. Just like that. Impulse buying furniture. That’s a first. I love the colour that really warms up the room without being overwhelming and the big knobs on the drawers.

And on this little corner of the dresser, what I like the most are those little mugs and bowls from Anthropologie. They really belong in the kitchen, because they’re actually measuring cups for baking (they go from 1 cup to 1/4cup) but I find them way too pretty to be stored in a drawer or a cabinet. So I put them there for everybody to see. Teehee

And that’s where I’m ending the tour today.

I hope you enjoyed it, and I think that for the next instalment of this little series I’ll take you into our bedroom.


*press sample

  • I love it! Such beautiful and dainty wee touches ❤
    Very inspiring for our new home this winter 🙂

    • Oh thank you !
      So exciting that you’re also getting a new home 🙂 I’ll be all over your posts if you share anything 😉