A Sneak Peek into our Home | The Bedroom

There you are, back into our home ..! Today I’m bringing you along into our bedroom. If you’ve missed the beginning of the tour, don’t worry you can catch up. The bathroom’s here and the living room here.

Like for the previous rooms, I’m not going to show you everything but rather my favourite things in each room. So here comes, my 3 favourite things in the bedroom.

The first thing I want to show you is the bed. Because it’s also the first things that was ready when we moved in. I mean it makes sense, seeing as we needed a place to sleep. But it is the one thing I wanted to make comfortable straight away. To have a little cosy corner in our flat, in the middle of all the boxes.

So when we arrived in Edinburgh the first day, we went to pick up our keys, and then we left again to go and buy a duvet, pillows, cushions and bedlinen. And that’s how my love story with H&M home started.

We bought 3 sets of bedlinen, a pink one (pictured), a blue linen one, and a green one. That way we can change the whole feel of the room just by switching bedlinen. What I really like about H&M home is that everything is very aesthetically pleasing and affordable (I wouldn’t usually splurge on 3 sets of bedlinen in one go…) What’s more is that there was a sale on when we were there.

So we bought three set of pastel coloured bedlinen with assorted cushion covers and blankets to put on the end of the bed. And that’s about all you need to make a place very comfortable. Entirely too many cushions and pillows, a king size duvet and blankets.

And a little bunny, that we happened to stumble upon in Anthropologie and who brightens the bed with its cute little smile.

yup … I’m a child. if I see a cute bunny somewhere it has to come home with me. 

Then, on each side of the bed –surprisingly enough– we put night stands. Though I’m not sure you can technically call them nights stands because they’re not standing.

As with a lot of things, we were forced to see that night stands are either: 1. ugly, 2. expensive or 3. ugly and expensive.

That’s how we got back into our pinterest boards and ended up making our own nightstands. You may be able to tell that they very similar to the shelves in the living room and the bathroom.

Smaller planks, same brackets, same idea.

We put little baskets underneath each shelf to store our things (but I’m not showing this because it’s too messy*) and that way the night stands can remain looking very neat. Usually, on top of the two dog lamps, there’s a book, a pair of glasses, a phone or a cuppa.

*obvisouly in this series I’m not really showing the reality of our flat. The whole flat doesn’t looks as nice or as neat as the little snippets I’m showing. They’re also my favourite things because they look nice and neat.

Sometimes we also have a candle on the nightstands and this marble wonder above is from Anthropologie The shelves and bracket are from a DIY store and the dog lamps from ‘google shopping’.

I really like our nightstands because they’re pretty, unique and didn’t cost an arm and a leg.

Talking about costing an arm and a leg, here’s my new dresser/vanity/desk, and the third thing I really like in our bedroom. I fell for this desk in Oliver Bonas before we were even done seeing flats. It was love at first sight.

I don’t have much to say about it that would be better than my pictures. I love that it’s wooden, that the drawers are coloured but with very soft colours and that they’re all different.

I don’t have as much space as I used to to store my makeup, but I quite like seeing everything when I open a drawer and it means that my collection cannot get too crazy.

I try to keep the top of the desk tidy with as few things as possible so that I have room to work there. But in reality, it doesn’t often look tidy.

The chair is from made.com. We ordered 6 for the dining table and I stole the sixth one, on which I placed a sheep skin rug because I found that the grey was too contrasting with the desk’s soft colours.

And that’s it for our bedroom. Hope you enjoyed it !


  • So beautiful! I love the little bunny and the puppy lamps! 😀 x

    • It’s all about the animals around here 😛