My go-to summer makeup | Tutorial and reviews

You haven’t seen my face around here for quite a while, have you ? I didn’t really want to take pictures of myself anymore. But all of a sudden it was okay again.

But most importantly, I’ve been wearing the same makeup look for 2 weeks now, I love it and I really want to share it with you.

This post is a mix between a tutorial, a review and a first impression because I will talk about the products themselves as well as about how I use them. Some of the products I’ve liked for a really long time and some products I was using for the first or second time.

On the picture above you can see pretty much all the products that I’ve used. As you can see, I haven’t used 15’000 things.

This looks is rather quick and fairly easy, so without further ado, let’s get to it.

I start with the base, and I’m using the Estée Lauder Universal Perfecting Primer The Smoother*. I simply apply it all over my face with my fingertips.

I don’t particularly love this primer. When I apply it on half of my face, I feel like my skin is perhaps a little smoother, but I’m not sure. What I know, however, is that, on my skin, it doesn’t make my foundation last longer. I feel like at the end of the day my skin looks the same on both sides.

For foundation, I’ve recently rediscovered the famous Chanel Vitalumière Aqua. Just like with the primer, at the moment, I like to apply it with my fingers. Which is very surprising considering I’ve been using my beautyblender for foundation very consistently.

To be honest, this foundation might well be expired and I should probably throw it away, but seeing as it smells and looks the same and as after two weeks of using it hasn’t broken me out, I’m going to use it up.

When I bought this foundation (a few years ago), I wasn’t the biggest fan of it, because I was looking for something with more coverage and a more matte finish. But at the moment, I’m happy with a lighter coverage (and I use a concealer for anything that I want to hide) and I feel like my skin is slightly less greasy so I don’t mind the more luminous finish.

All in all, I really like this foundation at the moment, because it gives me a light coverage (but still evens everything out) and has a beautiful finish, very natural.

Let’s move to concealer and I use the Urban Decay Naked Concealer.

I’ve talked about it on the blog early this year (here) and I still love it. I find that it hides everything that needs hiding and it’s not too dry or too creamy.

As you can see on the picture above, when I apply it, I get a little carried away. I put a little under my eyes to hide my dark circles, then a little around the chin for my breakouts and scars, and a little on the nose and between the brows where I get a little red.

I either blend it in with my fingers or with a beautyblender. Sometime I feel like my fingers don’t blend it enough and that’s when I get my little miracle sponge out.

Then comes the surprising part of this tutorial, and something I never thought I would do, the fake freckles. I used the felt tip side of my Soap&Glory Archery.

I do actually have a few freckles, but not that many and they’re so light that when I apply my foundation (no matter how light the coverage is) they disappear. So what I’m doing is essentially drawing them back on.

I like to use the felt tip, rather than the pencil on the other side, because it doesn’t make little round dots. Depending on the angle and the pressure, I can easily change the size and the shape of each freckle. And some days it looks better than others.

Once I’m happy with how many I’ve got on my face, I blend them into my skin with my fingers or my beautyblender. On the picture above it looks like I’ve just made them all disappear, but you’ll see later in the tutorial that we can see them. And the point is not to make it look like I have stains on my face, I want it to look somehow natural.

Then comes the highlighter and I’ve just started testing the brand new Estée Lauder cream highlighter in the shade Champagne Glow*.

I’ve talked about their foundation in the same packing (here) that I really liked, and I must say that I also really like this highlighter.

As you may be able to tell from the pictures, it gives a very luminous finish but is still fairly discreet without any glitter or heavy metallic finish. It doesn’t highlight skin texture either. I really didn’t think I was going to like it as much as I do. It blends into the skin seamlessly and effortlessly and has a gorgeous finish.

I apply it with my ring finger on the top of my cheekbones, on the lid, down the bridge of the nose (very lightly and not on the tip !) and under the brow bone. This product is really easy to use, it blends effortlessly and gives the perfect finish ! (That is if you’re into subtle highlighters. If you want something more intense you might not like it as much)

However there’s one thing that I don’t like about this highlighter, and that’s the packaging. It’s very pretty, but not that convenient. Like the foundation, it comes with a sponge attached (that’s a little too stiff) that you can remove if you want to apply the product with your fingers or something else. To get product out, you twist the bottom bit of the packaging and it comes out. Simple. But, I alway turn it the wrong way round for some reason and I always end up with way too much product. A pipette or a pump would be better in my opinion. But the product is great so I don’t mind too much.

Now that I’m done with liquid and cream products, I lightly powder my whole face with a powder that I’ve been absolutely loving for years the Soap&Glory One Heck of a Blot.

I really like this powder because it never looks cakey or powdery, but it still mattifies the skin really well and lasts longer than all the other powders I’ve tried so far.

I apply it with a big fat powder brush from Kiko. The one I talked about here.

And now it’s time for a little colour.

That day I chose the Charlotte Tilbury Film Star Bronze&Glow. I talked about it on the blog about a year ago as part of a luxury beauty haul (here) and I’m really happy to have splurged.

But I also sometimes use my Benefit Hoola, the Make Up For Ever bronzer, the Too Faced Milk Chocolate or the bronzer in my Hourglass trio to achieve this particular look.

I apply most of my bronzer on my cheeks, a little more intensely than usual. I want to give the impression that I’ve been in the sun (which working on my memoire and living in Edinburgh doesn’t happen a lot). I do a 3 shape on each side of my face starting at the temple, down to the cheeks and then on the jawline. I also put a bit down my neck so that everything looks the same colour.

And most importantly, to give the impression that I’ve got a tan, rather than makeup, I put a little bit on my nose, because you also tan there when you go out in the sun. But not too much !

I use a big duo fibre brush from Real Technique to have a more subtle result, more natural and more blended. And when I barely have anything left on the brush, I go sort of all over the face to add just a hint of colour everywhere. As if I had really been out in the sun.

Really hit that nose !

I don’t wear blusher everyday with this look, because the bronzer already adds a lot of colour. But sometimes I want to, and just like with the bronzer, I use different blushers every time.

That day I chose to use the Too Faced Baby Love blusher, but I also really like the Sweet Peach blush from Too Faced as well, or the Hourglass Mood Exposure.

I apply the product with a smaller duo fibre brush from Real Techniques for a really subtle finish.

I really like this blush purely because of its colour that enhances my complexion very easily and naturally. Oh and … most importantly … it has buniiiiiiiies on it. Yup, that the real reason.

Then (a step that I don’t do every day) when I want my highlight to pop a little more (but still subtle) I go back over the cream highlighter with a powder highlighter (lid, brow bone, cheekbone and nose). That day I used the highlighter in the Charlotte Tilbury palette with a small brush.

I really like this highlighter because it’s very luminous but no too strong. It’s not metallic and doesn’t aggravate skin texture. But it’s not blinding either if that’s what you’re after.

nice face in the background …

Then I take the other side of my Soap&Glory brow duo, the pencil side and use it to fill in my brows.

I’m not too happy with my brows at the moment so I’m growing them, hence they don’t look amazing right now. Then I’ll go and get them threaded.

But in the meantime, I make them look as nice as I can and I quite like this pencil that has a really nice shade and that lasts well all day long. It’s also the perfect texture, not too soft, not too hard and not too waxy.

Third step with the Charlotte Tilbury palette, I’m going to use it on my eyes again. I take the bronzer again with any fluffy blush and apply it in the crease and outer corner. It’s very easy, a bit messy, but give a little contour for the eyes and makes me look more awake.

For this step, I use any bronzer that I’ve used on my face. Simple as that.

Then comes the mascara and for this look I really like to use the Benefit RollerLash. I told you on instagram that I didn’t really like it, and that’s still true, but it works really well with this look.

What I don’t like about this mascara is that it doesn’t add enough volume and intensity for my taste. Or you have to apply many layers and it takes ages.

But with this summery look I actually enjoy having very defined and rather fine lashes, so I’m happy I held on to it.

For the lips, the products change very often, but all in all, I want light, neutral colours, or bright ones that I apply very lightly with my finger.

I also want light formulas, and if there’s a little shine, I like that too. I’ve just started testing out the new Pure Color Love lipsticks from Estée Lauder, as well as the Clinique Chubby Plump & Shine, so I’m going to talk about these two.

My favourite of the two (even if they can’t really be compared) is the Estée Lauder Pure Color Love lipstick in the shade 110 Raw Sugar*.

I didn’t think I would like it when I first saw it because I thought that it would be too brown, but I actually love it ! I apply it very lightly, blend it in with my finger and add a thin layer of lip balm over the top for added comfort and a hint of shine.

It’s very natural and discreet, and exactly what I’m looking for. You can also make it look much more intense by not applying it so lightly. The formula is really nice and very pigmented. But I wanted something more subtle.

Let’s move now to steps that make no difference on pictures.

I’ve just discovered the too cool for school Coconut Milky Mist* and I loooooooove it !

The mist is really really fine (perfect !!!) and it smells delicious. I’m not sure how hydrating it is but it feels so nice on the skin that I’m sold anyway.

The only downside is that the mist is so fine that it doesn’t spray very far so you have to hold it quite close to your face. But that’s not too bad, is it ?

can you see how happy it makes me to use it ?

And the second spray I’m using at the moment is the Estée Lauder Bronze Goddess* fragrance that’s part of their summer collection, like every year.

It’s actually the first time I’m using it and I didn’t think I would like the scent as much as I do. The scent is very similar to the one of the body butter I was using last year (from the same collection), but slightly different. Some people might find it a bit too sweet but I really love it !

So here’s the finish result with the Estée Lauder lipstick. And now I’ll show you the  Chubby Plump & Shine in the shade 03 Portly Peach*

You won’t see it at all on the picture, but I don’t really like these new Plump & Shine chubbies. They’re glosses that are very lightly pigmented, actually not that shiny and that tend to highlight dry bits on the lips. They’re also a bit sticky.

I feel like I’m being a bit harsh. Perhaps I should say that I’ve only used one shade and that sometimes quality can vary between shades of the same product.

It’s actually not a big fat glossy crayon like you might think knowing the original chubby sticks, but a gloss that’s in the tube and that you get out by twisting the base of the product. By applying on the lips straight from the ‘bullet’, I get an uneven and even patchy finish and it does emphasise the lines and dry bits on my lips.

You can improve the finish by using a finger (or a brush I imagine) to blend the product. But even when you manage to get a nice finish, it remains a bit sticky. There really isn’t much colour at all and it’s not super glossy.

So I must say that I don’t really like or understand this product. As you can see on the picture below the result can look nice, but I don’t think that they’re worth CHF 29.- for them. In the same category, I much prefer the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfectors (reviewed here) and I much prefer the original Chubby Sticks from Clinique (see it in action here.)

And that’s it for this all-in-one-tutorial-review. I hope you enjoyed it !

What about you, what’s your go-to makeup look at the moment ?


*press samples

ps: if you haven’t had enough, you can check out 2016 and 2015‘s versions of my summer makeup, they look a bit similar 😉