Lush Diary #44 | Rose Jam Bubbleroon

Another bath … another pink bath even … The weather’s still pretty cold around here, so after half a day sitting at my desk on my memoire, sometimes I spend my lunch break in a nice warm bath.

And this week, I used the bubble bar called Rose Jam Bubbleroon.

Bubbleroon is the contraction of Bubbles and Macaroon, so you have a bubble bar shaped like a macaroon.

What’s more is that, as it’s pink (rose), and smells like roses, the top has been shaped like a rose.

The idea behind the bubbleroons (there are a few other ones, such as a yellow one and a green one, that I’ve already reviewed on the blog) is to use each half for a bath so that you get two uses out of each bubbleroon.

For my part, as you may see on the picture above, I prefer to cut it into thin slices so that it’s easier to break apart under running water.

So I used half of this pink macaroon for a bath, and I can confirm that it’s enough. I think that you could even use less so as to get even more uses out of one bubble bar.

The scent of this bubbleroon is obviously that of roses. Because my one was quite old, it didn’t smell quite as much like roses as it did when I purchased it. However, it still smelled really nice though it was not as rosy but more floral in a general sense.

The colour of the bath is fairly obvious, it turns pink. I love it !

And the bubbles do not disappoint either. The picture right above and the one just below were taken just seconds after dropping the bubble bar in the water, but once the tub was full, the amount of bubbles was insane.

One more thing to note, compared to most of the Lush bubble bars, this bubble bar is much more comfortable on the skin. After using a bubble bar, I’m often left with dry skin, which wasn’t the case with Rose Jam Bubbleroon.

All in all, I really loved this bubble bar. I really like bubble baths, so if on top of being very bubbly it smells nice, looks nice and doesn’t dry out my skin, I’m convinced !

Have you tried any of the Bubbleroons ?