Lush Diary #40 | Metamorphosis

With summer just around the corner, I don’t take as many baths, but I still do every now and then.

I was lucky enough to be sent Lush’s latest addition to their permanent collection (I think), it’s this dark grey glittery bath bomb called Metamorphosis*.

From the outside, it looks a little like a planet, albeit it would be a glittery planet. But I guess we can’t say that doesn’t exist. It doesn’t look like much on the shelf.

I also get a sort of urban vibe from it, as it looks a little bit like cement.

It’s once in the water that it’ll show you what it truly is. And as per usual, beauty comes from the inside.

You’ll see colours popping out of it, one after the other as it fizzes away. Yellow, orange, pink and green.

Unfortunately I don’t think that it’s Lush’s best invention yet, because if it looks really nice while it’s fizzing away, once it’s done, the grey mixed with yellow, pink and orange just looks like a sad dirty brownish colour.

And once you’re done with your bath, it’ll leave a dark grey residue on the sides of the bathtub which is quite tough to clean.

The shower head won’t be enough to rinse it away (like it usually is) but you’ll have to get the sponge and start scrubbing.

That being said, the scent is pretty great. It’s probably in my top-ten bath bomb scents. It’s spicy and slightly manly, in a sexy way.

And I think that my pictures will do the rest of the talking.

All in all, it’s quite a nice bath bomb, and seeing how it looks and smells, it’s one that I would see myself gifting to men (I don’t like this whole gender debate and I don’t want to be stereotypical, but it’s a fact that the men around me don’t tend to like pink glittery candy-smelling bath bombs. That being said if you’re a man who like pink, glittery, candy-scented bath bomb, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. I’m just saying that I often struggle to gift bath bombs to men because they don’t like glitter or don’t like the scent.)(phew …) but it’s a shame that the water looks so sad during the bath and that you have to scrub the bathtub once you’re done.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample