Lush Diary #42 | Rose Bombshell | Mother’s Day Collection

I know that in Switzerland the weather is a bit too nice for people to be taking baths. From what I’ve heard, they’re more likely to go for a swim in the lake or the pool. But here in Edinburgh, it barely gets over 15 degrees, so I do take baths.

I’ve finally gotten around to using a bath bomb that’s been in my collection for over a year. It was part of last year’s mother’s day collection and is called Rose Bombshell*.

So I’m not going to keep this a secret any longer, if you don’t like rose, the scent or the colour, run ! Far away !

Because this is all rose, from beginning to end. In my opinion it looks gorgeous and smells even better !

The bath bomb fizzes away very quickly once dropped in the water. The pink colour immediately sinks to the bottom of the tub and spreads around at the bottom. It’s quite hard to explain and it moved so fast that I didn’t get to take a picture, but I could clearly see that the colour wasn’t at the surface, but well and truly at the bottom. It looked a little bit like a witch’s spell. It was magical !

Other than that, not much you wouldn’t expect from this bath bomb, apart perhaps from a few rose petals that gently float at the surface.

I honestly don’t have much more to say about this. It’s a bath bomb that smells deliciously of rose and that will give you the most beautiful looking pink bath. And that’s it.

Personally, I love it and I think that I’ll be repurchasing it when it comes back. The only thing is that I wish the scent would linger a bit more on my skin after the bath.

What about you ? Do you like the scent of roses ?


*press sample