Lush Diary #43 | Golden Egg | Easter Collection

I know that in Switzerland it’s way too hot to take baths but here, it doesn’t get warmer than 17 degrees, so I’m quite happy to have a bath every now and then.

So I finally used my bath melt from the Lush Easter Collection, Golden Egg*.

You may remember my post presenting said Easter collection, it involved a curious little bunny with a nose full of glitter.

If you need a little cuteness in your life, may I suggest that you go and check out my two little bunnies and their thoughts on that Easter collection. Right here.

To get back to the bath melt, Golden Egg is –as the name would suggest– a little golden egg. And beware of the golden glitter, it’s mighty and it goes everywhere.

And if you don’t like glitter, run. I mean you can’t even look at it without getting glitter everywhere. On the other hand, if –like me– you enjoy glitter, it should make you happy.

In the bath, as soon as you drop it into the water, you can see the glitter sinking to the bottom of the tub. Then you’re left with the egg, slowly melting, and that’s when you learn that the egg itself is yellow.

Logically, this will give you a yellow bath. We’ve talked about it several times already, yellow really isn’t my favourite colour for a bath.

However, as it’s a bath melt, Golden Egg will make the bath water extremely nourishing for the skin. And I believe that Golden Egg is the most nourishing bath melt I’ve tried so far.

As for the scent, I really can’t say anything other than, it smells just like a Lush scent. In my opinion, it smells delicious !

When you get out of the water, the skin is fully nourished, very lightly fragranced (but it doesn’t last) and you’ll have a few golden specks of glitter here and there. But not that many.

All in all, I really enjoyed this bath melt. The scent is very pleasant but not overpowering, and even if the bath is yellow, it made my skin so soft that I’m almost okay with it.


*press sample