My Beauty Essentials from eBeauty and Care | One Big Korean Cosmetics Haul Before Moving to Edinburgh

Long time no see eh ? Since the last time I was around here I’ve been on a little road trip from Switzerland to Edinburgh. Then we received the keys to our new flat and with the time invested to settle in and the terrible lack of wifi, I just couldn’t get around to come and say hi.

But the wifi is now set up and the flat almost has all we need in it, so I think I’m back !

And to start off with, I want to tell you about my last order on eBeauty and Care.

When I started to pack for the move, I also did a big spring clean in my cosmetic drawers and gave a lot of stuff away to friends and family because I couldn’t bring everything with me. But what I also did is place one last order on Laetitia’s shop because there are things there that I just don’t want to live without anymore.

Seeing as I’m terribly weak, I obviously bought more than I should have, but let me tell all about the products I couldn’t see myself without, and those that managed to snuck their way into my basket.

Let’s start with the Re:cipe makeup removing oil. I’ve already mentioned it on the blog, here, about a year ago and I still love it !

Up until now I’ve only used the one with green tea but this time I chose to try the one with rose petals.

I haven’t used this one yet, but if it’s anything like the green tea one, I’m sure I’m going to love it. This oil is incredibly soft on the skin and removes makeup very efficiently without stinging the eyes.

The second thing I picked up it the pineapple peeling gel from Skin Food.

It’s a chemical peel so there are no scrubby particles, which makes it more gentle for the skin, and it leaves my skin feeling very very soft.

I did a full review on it that you can read right here. You should also know that it doesn’t smell at all like pineapple, randomly enough.

Thirdly I ordered my 5th pack of the COSRX acne pimple master patch.

I find these to be incredibly efficient on whiteheads that have been popped. When I apply a patch on a pimple at night, the next morning the inflammation has almost completely disappeared and the healing has started.

Fortunately at the moment I don’t get many pimples at all, but I always make sure to have a pack of these lying around in case I do get one.

And finally, one thing that I would have liked to get but that sadly was out of stock is the Nature Republic foot mask. These ones.

They’re like big plastic socks that you wear for 1-2 hours and that are very refreshing. Then, after 4-5 days, all the old skin on your feet will be peeling off and you’ll be left with incredibly soft feet.

It both disgusting and amazing ! What I’d suggest is that when you see that your skin is starting to peel off, you take a long hot bath (or just a foot bath) which will soften the skin and will help you get rid off it quicker.

Fortunately I still have one pack left, but I would have bought a second one.

Here’s now for the thing that I really didn’t need but that still managed to sneak their way into my basket.

I took a lot of sheet masks because ‘they’re flat, they take no space at all’. Sure pal.

I took the tea ones from Skin Food because I love tea and because they look sooo pretty. Stupid reasons perhaps, but I still bought one of each.

The fact that they’re gel masks also made me very curious.

Worst case scenario they’ll end up looking nice in my bathroom. But I’m pretty confident they’ll be nice to use as well !

I also got some of the 0.2mm from Etude House that I really liked despite a light allergic reaction (more on the masks and my experience here). I simply chose other ingredients, in a way to see if I’m really allergic to all of them.

I also took care to pick some that were hydrating and soothing to lessen the chance of any type of skin irritation.

On a whim and because I was curious I included a pack of collagen eye patches, just to see what they were like. I also thought I might get extra tired with all the packing and unpacking but I actually haven’t used them yet.

And following the same line of reasoning, a snail and bee venom sheet mask. It claims to do a lot so I’m excited to see what it’ll do.

Then came the products that I really had no excuse for but that still made it into my basket because I was really too curious to try them.

I’ll start with the Nature Republic aloe vera gel that’s supposed to be good for just about everything (think a 36-in-1 type of a product) and well, that I want to try for as many reasons.

Then came the COSRX hydrating pads because I really like what I’ve tried from the brand and because my skin could use a little more hydration at the moment.

And the packaging is both very serious and hilarious so that’s a big bonus for me.

I also picked the propolis ampule from COSRX as well, because I don’t know this ingredient at all and I want to see what it can do for my skin.

And finally, a little surprise, a little gift, from Laetitia herself, that she snuck into my order without my knowledge (yes yes yes !), it’s the Blithe Patting Water Pack with green tea.

I’m very intrigued by this and very impatient to give it a try. I can be used in a few different ways and seems to me like it’s both, practical, fun and good for your skin. We shall see.

I think that I’ll write a whole post on this one.

And that is all there was in my basket this time.

I’m a bit sad to think that I won’t be able to order anything on eBeauty and Care for a while, but it doesn’t have to be the same for you, so if something I’ve mentioned has picked your interest, don’t forget to use the code FEATHERSANDBRUSHES to save 10% off your order. (I don’t get anything from you using this code, it’s just for your to discover something new !)

And again, thank you thank your thank you Laetitia for making all those korean brands available to us and thank your for the little gift in my order !


  • Laetitia

    J’adore les huiles Re:cipe mais je crois que ma chouchoute c’est celle à la rose 😉 Du coup, j’ai hâte d’avoir ton retour à son sujet 😛 Les patchs COSRX, je ne peux plus vivre sans non plus! Même si je me rends compte que ça fait quelques semaines que je n’ai pas eu besoin d’y avoir recours! 😀 #ontientlebonbout Le gel à l’aloe vera est vraiment un de mes indispensable depuis un bout de temps! Avec l’été qui approche, je pense que tu devrais l’adopter 😀 En tout cas j’ai hâte de savoir si c’est le cas 😉 A bientôt! 🙂

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