I tried Sephora’s Own Brand | Makeup and Skincare

This post may appear completely normal, but the behind the scenes and the way I’ve put it all together is slightly different. Let me explain.

I got a whole box full of Sephora goodies, not long before moving to Edinburgh. I did my best to try them all before leaving, even if I didn’t manage to use them more than a few times each. (more…)

I Tried the Shiseido Base products | Synchro Skin is the Best Foundation Out There

Do you remember not that long ago when I was bragging about having found the perfect foundation ? It was the YSL Le teint encre de peau that I was reviewing in this post. Well, I found even better and it’s a tad cheaper.

Don’t get your hopes up too high though, it’s still not drugstore. But it’s moderately less expensive. (more…)

My Beauty Essentials from eBeauty and Care | One Big Korean Cosmetics Haul Before Moving to Edinburgh

Long time no see eh ? Since the last time I was around here I’ve been on a little road trip from Switzerland to Edinburgh. Then we received the keys to our new flat and with the time invested to settle in and the terrible lack of wifi, I just couldn’t get around to come and say hi.

But the wifi is now set up and the flat almost has all we need in it, so I think I’m back !

And to start off with, I want to tell you about my last order on eBeauty and Care. (more…)