Smooth Legs for Spring | Braun Silk Epil 9 VS. Silk Epil 3

You might have noticed that Mr Sun has decided to come back, and with his arrival, the temperatures have risen considerably. I’ve always been told ‘en avril ne te découvre pas d’un fil’ (which means that you shouldn’t yet get rid off you warm clothes in April) but I must admit that I have been wearing shorts.

However wearing shorts means taking care of bear fur covered legs. Well … it’s true, that sometimes, some people, during the winter months, don’t really shave or epilate their legs. Maybe.

It actually isn’t the case for me. Because of my pole dance lessons, I sort of have to have nice legs year round. And when I say ‘have to’, I don’t really ‘have to’. I can do as I please, as should you all. If you want to display your bear fur for all to see, so be it. You do you boo ! But I don’t particularly like the look of my legs when they’re covered in bear fur so I did use my epilator all winter. But like I said, each to their own.

So I’m not here today to tell you that you need to get rid of every single hair on your legs if you want to wear shorts, I’m here to tell you about two epilators I’ve been using, and that may be of use to you if you also want to get rid of your bear fur.

And I shall stop here with the weird tangent and focus on the two devices I’ve been testing out.

I’m going to present two epilators, from the same brand, but they’re two different models.

The first one I’ve been using for three years, it’s the Braun Silk Epil 3. The second one I’ve been using for a few months and it’s the Braun Silk Epil 9.

The difference in numbers between the two is not due to time passing by, it’s mostly because one is very basic and the other one is the best they do.

I was trying to find some kind of analogy and all I came up with are cars. The Silk Epil 3 could be a basic car, and the Silk Epil 9 is almost the same car expect that it comes with all the options. Sort of.

Personally I’ve always used an epilator on my legs because my mother strongly, and convincingly, advised me not to shave my legs as it has to be done to often and because the hair grows back thicker and darker. But there are a few myths that I’d like to tackle with it comes to epilating.

On the boxes of such devices you can often read ‘up to 4 weeks of smooth legs’. Well I don’t know if I have some kind of Super Hair, but I have to do it pretty much every week if I want my legs to look perfect (and I mean perfect, not ‘sort of ok if you don’t look to closely’). Be it for my legs or my armpits.* But you can also get away with doing it slightly less often because the hair is less visible when it grows back than it is if you shave.

And as my friend Estelle so rightly says: If they’re close enough to see that you didn’t epilate your legs properly, they’re too close, and you can kick them. Yup !

As for the pain, it’s true that you get used to it. It’ll never be a pleasant experience, but it does get much better. And the less you wait between doing it, the less hair you have, the shortest it lasts and most importantly, the less it hurts.

So I’ve been using epilators on my legs for about 10 years and it’s the first time that I’m using a device that isn’t the cheapest there is on the market. Which is what I bought with my teenager/student budget.

*so yeah I do my armpits with my epilator. I used to shave them (for several years) until a friend told me she did it with her tweezers. So I thought I could try using my epilator. The pain was atrocious the first 2-3 times, and I even bled a little. But I’m really glad I did it because now I don’t need to do it as often and my armpits look better than they used to. But I’m not gonna lie, it’s hell when you start.

But here’s the top of the crop, la crème de la crème, it’s the Silk Epil 9, and it’s rose gold. And glittery too ! I got the Braun Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa* kit to be completely exact. As we speak, it’s the best thing Braun has to offer, and the most complete kit. So is it really that much better than my old Silk Epil 3 ?

To start off with, both devices can be used to epilate (I know, I couldn’t believe it either) and the way they both work is more or less the same. For this section, I’m going to be referring to the four pictures below to illustrate my words.

Both devices work in a similar way. That is that they both have many tweezers attached to a rotating head. The tweezers on the Silk Epil 3 look just like regular tweezers (the one on the right on the pictures below) whereas the Silk Epil is slightly different as the hair is gripped between a piece of plastic and a metallic one. But these are technical details, once you use them, they both grip the hair and pull it away. And that’s it.

As you can see on the bottom left picture, the Silk Epil 9 has a special attachment. It’s a double band of ‘beads’ to massage the skin. They’re supposed to stimulate the skin for a more pleasant experience. The Silk Epil 3 comes with the same attachment, but I seem to have lost it. That goes to show how much I use it. The thing that I find those massage beads terribly uncomfortable. I find that they scratch my skin and don’t offer a pleasant massage as they claim to do.

Finally, on the bottom right picture you can see the third attachement that goes on the epilating head. I don’t know how to call it but it’s a piece of plastic that’ll hide some of the tweezers, meaning that it won’t take as many hairs at once. This makes it ideal for more sensitive areas and it’s an attachment that also comes with the Silk Epil 3, but I’ve also lost it. However on the box, they say that it’s meant to use the epilator on the face. But … on the face ? Really ?

Both devices also come with a light that allows you to see every single hair, and two speeds. This may sound useless but for more sensitive areas, if you use the lower speed, it’ll be less painful. I use the device on my legs and armpits and I use the lower speed under my arms.

Another difference, as you can see on the pictures, is that the Silk Epil 9, has a wider epilating surface, which means that it can take more hair at once and so to reduce the time it’ll take to get rid off all of it. The Silk Epil 9 also has 40 tweezers, whereas the Silk Epil 3 only has 20.

So I timed it, and the Silk Epil 9 is significantly faster. 8 minutes for the leg with with the Silk Epil 3, and 6 minutes for the leg with the Silk Epil 9. For my armpits, almost to minutes with the 3, but barely more than 1 with the 9. All in all it doesn’t seem like that much of a difference, but proportionally, it’s about a quarter of the time that you save. And when you think that it’s not a pleasant time, it’s a big bonus.

Another big difference is in the way they work. The Silk Epil 3 has to be plugged into the wall to work. You can charge it. The bad thing is that you can’t take it everywhere. The good thing is that you can always use it. You won’t have to wait because you forgot to charge it, or have to take a break because it died mid-leg. The Silk Epil 9 on the other hand has to be charged and can’t be used while it’s charging. However they made it 100% waterproof, which means that you can take it in the shower or the bath. But don’t forget to charge it. It takes 1 hour to charge and can be used for 40 minutes. I didn’t check but that’s what it says on the box.

Both devices also come with a shaver head that can be used, or not, with a trimmer cap. (top left picture down below)

That’s where I see the least difference between the two devices. The trimmer can be used to trim hair before epilating for instance. But I must admit that I’ve never used it. And the shaver head, well it shaves. I can’t compare it to a normal shaver because that’s not something I use at all. And to be honest I don’t really use the shaver head either. I’ve used it a couple of times after epilating to have legs as smooth as a mirror but it’s very rare.

And now we get to all the options that come with the Silk Epil 9. All the attachment on the pictures below only come with the Silk Epil 9. We’ve seen the shaver head and the epilating head, but the device has a third head on which you can attach brushes and a massage pad.

The blue brush is made out of 10’000 hairs (oh the irony !) and is supposed to get rid off dead skin to avoid ingrown hairs. By using it you get a peeling that’s 6x more efficient than a manual peeling.

The purple brush is softer and can be used daily and on more sensitive skin. She offers a peeling that’s 4x more efficient than a manual peeling.

And finally the mint green massage pad is made out of 60 little silicones heads to massage the skin. This massage pod is meant to stimulate blood circulation and improve the appearance of the skin.

And that’s where I start to really suck as a blogger. I barely used any of these three attachments. I thought about it, I wanted to, but I didn’t. You might hate me for it, but I’m lucky enough that I don’t get any ingrown hairs. So even if I had used it, I’d be complete unable to tell you whether the brush have any effect on ingrown hairs. I still used them to scrub my skin, despite not having ingrown hairs, but I must say that I much prefer the feeling of a manual scrub (my absolute favourite ones being from Rituals !)

As for the massage pod, I was quite excited to try it, it’s true, but it’s actually not something I want to spend time doing. It’s amongst the thing that I’d like to be able to do, but at the end of the day, I just don’t. There aren’t enough hours in one day.

But there’s still something you could take from my experience. If like me you thought that you’d really like to use these attachments, ask yourself that question: on the daily, will you really take the time to use them often enough to make a difference to your skin ?

Because another important difference between the two devices is the price. The Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa kit with all the attachments presented here costs around CHF 210.- It seems that you can also just buy the Silk Epil 9 without all the attachments for 174.- but I couldn’t find exactly what’s included and what’s not in that kit. The Silk Epil 3 on the other hand costs a little less than 70.-

On the US version of the Braun website, you can easily compare the prices and features of all the versions (there’s also a 5 and a 7) so if you’re interested, here‘s the link.

As for my personal opinion, like I said, I sadly don’t use all the attachment that come with the Silk Epil 9 SkinSpa. I have no doubt that they’re good, but I just can’t take the time to use them. At the end of the day, I’d much rather spend time writing a post for the blog than massaging my thighs with a massage pod, as mint green as it is.

Beyond the problem of the attachements, the basic Silk Epil 9 is in my opinion much better than the Silk Epil 3. First off because it saves me time, but also because I find that the epilating head fits more comfortably on my skin. I guess you could say that it’s more ergonomic. But comfortable is the key word here. I mean you’re still ripping your hair away, but the Silk Epi 9 makes it more ‘comfortable’.

If I hadn’t gotten it as a gift, I can’t say that I would have bought the Silk Epil 9 myself because it still feels like quite the investment and I probably would have realised on my own that I wasn’t going to use the attachements all that much. That being said, it would have been a shame not to discover a device that allows me to epilate my legs and armpits quicker, wherever I want, without the need for a plug !

What do you use on your legs ?


*produit offert pour considération

  • I’ve been using the Silk-épil 7 for about two years now and I’m happy with the results, it’s way quicker and less painful than my old one. Just like the Silk-épil 9 it has 40 tweezers. The set costs around CHF 130 and comes with a separate face brush which actually is really good, I still use it quite often to give my face a proper cleanse. It doesn’t have as many attachments as the silk-épil 9 but I don’t need them anyway.

    Cheryl | SwissBeautyTalk

    • Epilator and face brush isn’t the most obvious combination, but after all, why not.
      I’ve actually never tried a face brush and am always quite tempted to give the clarisonic a go. But I can’t bring myself to spending so much :/

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