I Tried the Philips Rose Gold Hair Dryer | Giveaway (closed) – Win the Matching Hair Straightener

I’m back today to talk to you about another rose gold appliance. After the Braun leg epilator (read more about it here) here’s the Philips hair dryer. Let’s continue our journey in the land of the very instagramable appliances.

In this post, I’ll give you my opinion on the Moisture Protect* hair dryer that I’ve been using for the past few weeks, and I also have a little surprise for you at the end, as you’ll be able to win the matching hair straightener.

Let’s be shallow first, and start with the look and design, then we’ll focus on the technicals before moving to my personal experience.

The idea of a white and rose gold hair dryer is very promising. You can immediately imagine all the pretty instagram posts you could make. However, I must say that in my opinion the hair straightener is much more beautiful than the hair dryer.

It’s not ugly or anything but it could be better. That being said, it’s very personal and by far not the most important thing about a hair dryer. So you may make up your own mind based on my pictures and we shall move on to another aspect of it.

Regarding the technicals characteristics, it’s fairly standard. There are three buttons on the front of the handle, two speeds (lower button) and three heat settings (middle button) as well as a cool shot (top button)

Regarding the cool shot, I’ve always wondered why they make it so that you have to hold it, rather than giving the possibility to turn it on and off, which would be much more comfortable. But every single hair dryer I’ve tried has been this way so there must be a technical reason that I don’t know.

The cool shot button provides even cooler air than the coolest of the three temperature settings. This is meant to be used when you’re almost done to fix your style.

The middle temperature setting is ‘called’ TP (thermoprotect) and is meant to be the ideal middle ground between being hot enough so that it doesn’t take ages to dry your hair, and not so hot that it damages it. The hottest temperature setting allows you to dry your hair quicker, and the cooler temperature setting allows you to dry your hair very gently, but it’ll take longer.

As for the speed setting, you can choose between low and high, and it’s pretty self explanatory.

On the back of the hair dryer, there’s a fourth button with a droplet, and that’s where the innovation lays. It’s the MoistureProtect system. In theory, when you turn the moisture protect system on, the hair dryer uses ‘infrared sensors to diagnose your hair and adapts the temperature to preserve natural hydration’ (quote from the box of the hair dryer). Maybe that’s why this hair dryer has a little purple nose. I don’t know.

So does this Moisture Protect system make any difference ? It’d be interesting to know wouldn’t it ? Unfortunately I’m just a human being and the only instruments to measure any difference I have at my disposal are eyes and fingertips. Is my hair smooth and shiny ? So let’s move on to personal experience.

Despite the (long) length of my hair, I hardly ever use a hair dryer. Typically, I’ll wash my hair every other day, as soon as I wake up. Then I let it dry naturally while I do the rest of my routine (clothes, makeup, breakfast) and then, if I have some time left and if my hair’s still wet, I use a hair dryer. Otherwise, I just run out the door with my hair still slightly wet because I’m late already.

So my expectations in terms of hair dryer are quite low. I want a hair dryer that dries my hair quickly without burning it and without making my hair look all frizzy.

That’s why I’m always careful to choose a hair dryer with ionic conditioning. (I’m saying this like I’m buying a hair dryer every other day but this is only my third one) Indeed, even if I don’t really know what ions are or what they do, I’ve noticed that hair dryer without ionic technology tend to make my hair a lot frizzier. And this hair dryer is no exception and gives me as little frizz as possible.

I’ve also noticed that my hair is beautiful and shiny when I use it and they’re as soft, if not more, as they usually are.

But like I said earlier, that’s it for my expertise. This hair dryer is pleasant to use, it fits nicely is my hand and isn’t too heavy, it dries my hair quickly so that I’m not too late, without burning it and afterwards my hair is smooth, shiny and dry. I don’t expect anything else and it gives me what I want. So I like it and it’s coming with me to Edinburgh. It’s as simple as that.

Just like a lot of hair dryers, it comes with a diffuser, (with which I managed to make my hair almost wavy which is a small miracle in itself) as well as a concentrator that will focus the air flow on a smaller surface to allow more control. With my old hair dryer, I was forced to use the concentrator as it was so powerful that if I didn’t use it I would always end up with horribly knotty hair. But this hair dryer is not as violent, and I mostly use it without the concentrator.

If you’re interested, I found it on Galaxies for CHF 79.- (here) which isn’t half bad for a hair dryer. Especially if you compare that to Dyson or GHD. It also looks like Philips has a ‘Money Back Guarantee’ meaning that if you’re not happy with your purchase, you have 60 days to send it back and get a refund (but read the terms and conditions carefully first.)

Let’s move on to the hair straightener that you can win now. It’s the Moisture Protect* hair straightener. As it comes from the same range, it follows a similar design idea. But like I said earlier, I find it much prettier than the hair dryer.

It’s simple, elegant, with a few touches of rose gold. I love it !

I haven’t tried it obviously as I want you to win it brand new, but I took it out of the box to take a few pictures.

It has three buttons, one to turn it on, a double one to increase or lower the temperature and one to turn on and off the Moisture Protect system that’s the same as the hair dryer and that’s there to preserve the hair’s natural hydration while straightening.

There’s also a little lock on the back so that you can lock it shut. It may seem pointless but it’s actually really useful for storage and traveling.

The plates aren’t fixed, they’re called floating straightening plates, and they’re made so to reduce the pressure on the hair and thus prevent breakage. It also has ionic conditioning to prevent frizz.

I’m thinking that the shape of this hair straightener would make it great for curling your hair. I can’t curl my hair with straighteners to save my life, but if you know how to do that, I think that this one has a great shape to do it.

As you can see on the pictures below, there are three heat settings to choose from, and the droplet on the screen indicates whether the Moisture Protect system is on or off.

And that’s about all I have to say about it, so let’s get to that giveaway.

In order to take part in the giveaway, all you have to do is :

  • be subscribed to my newsletter (top right in the header)
  • leave me a comment with your email address so that I can contact you if you win (if you don’t want to share your email address, just send it to me via email –> feathersandbrushes@gmail.com
  • be over 18 or ask your parents’ permission to participate
  • live in Switzerland

If you want to increase your chances of winning you can:

  • share the giveaway on facebook or instagram and tag me on your post (and by sharing I mean adding a few words to the link to say what it’s all about. Like : ‘Macha’s hosting a giveaway to win a hair straightener on the blog’. It doesn’t have to be complicated, just show me that you care)

The giveaway is open until this Sunday (23 of April) at 23:59. I’ll draw the lucky winner using random.org on the 24th and will send the parcel on the 25th. Good luck !

The giveaway is now over. The winner is Elodie S.

And that’s about it I guess.

Do you use a hair dryer or hair straightener ? Which ones are your favourite ? The next one I should try …


*press samples

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    Yes pleace

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  • Janine

    I love the shape and color! specially the different low and high heat settings. And finally a straightner with the perfect shape for curling! My straightner doesnt really work for curling.
    E-Mail: defjain_92@hotmail.com

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