I tried The Oh-So-Famous MAC Fix+ | Makeup Setting Spray

As the title of the post may suggest, I’ve finally gotten round to trying the famous MAC Fix+ setting spray. Most beauty gurus out there swear by it, but even so, it took me ages to actually go out, buy it and decide for myself what this was worth.

I went online on MAC’s website and learned that this spray was meant to refresh and soothe the skin as well as add a little hydration.

But that was while I was researching to write this post, not before I went out and bought it, because I probably wouldn’t have bought it after having read that.

What I find surprising in MAC’s description of the product is that they don’t talk about the spray’s ability to set the makeup or make it last longer. The name of the product on the bottle is ‘brume fixante/rafraichissante’ (setting/refreshing mist), but beyond that, they don’t talk about this setting aspect in their description at all.

But that’s all theory anyway, so I’m going to focus on my experience and tell you what I saw, in the reality of the real world.

I bought two miniatures of the spray. The difference with the original big bottle is that my two minis are scented. One of coconut and one of rose. They were (are) part of the Work it Out Collection. The second difference is that when you buy travel sizes like these, the price per ml is higher.

Personally, it’s the scent that made me get them after so many years of not being that interested in the product, because I really like the scent of roses and of coconut.

I’ve used them both on my skin, on top of my foundation, before I went out and looked more precisely at the product’s claims and here’s what I observed :

1. It is indeed very refreshing and what’s more is that they smell delicious, so the immediate experience is extremely pleasant.

2. If I ever apply too much powder and end up looking cakey, a few spritz of fix+ and the problem is solved. And in general, I find that my makeup looks better, more blended, if I use some fix+ when I’m done. But I usually use it before powder.

3. When I get home in the middle or at the end of the day, and I want to refresh my makeup before going out again, I start with a few spritz of fix+ and then top up with a little more powder or even foundation depending on how much I need and everything ends up looking good all over again.

4. When I use loose pigments or heavily glittery shadows, I wet my brush with fix+ and the pigments will stick to my eyelids and the glittery shadows will end up looking much more intense than if I just use a dry brush.

5. And finally, and that’s perhaps the most surprising one, I once used it on only half of my face to set my makeup, and when I went to see how different both sides of my face looked, I couldn’t really tell that my foundation looked better or worse on one side, but I could definitely see that my skin was a lot less oily on the side where I had applied some fix+.

So that’s for my experience with this product. All in all, I’m really happy with it, even if this product hasn’t changed my life. It’s not a spray that will ensure that your skin stays matte or that will keep your makeup set for longer -at least not on me- but I like that it still seems to control some of the excess sebum and that it offers me the possibility to really refresh my makeup in the middle of the day without having to start all over again.

Have you tried MAC fix+ ? What do you think ?