My New Base/Foundation Routine | YSL Encre de Teint, Urban Decay Naked Concealer and Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

For a little while, I’ve been using a bunch of new products to do my base, for quite a while actually, because I’ve already finished and repurchased two of them.

They’re not entirely perfect, but they’re much closer to being perfect than anything else I’ve tried so far and that’s why I wanted to share them with you.

To start off with, let me remind you about my skin type and skin concerns: my skin is very oily but also quite dehydrated. My main concerns is that I get very shiny very quickly, but also that foundation really quickly looks cakey on my skin because the surface of my skin isn’t the smoothest (particularly around the brows and around the nose), and after while my foundation breaks up on the skin and it looks a little like I have scales. Not the cutest.

As for under eye circles, I’m lucky that they’re not very dark, but I still want to hide them because they have a little blue hue to them. I also have a big wrinkle under my eyes (except it’s not a wrinkle because I’ve had it since birth) in which concealer sometimes gathers.

So that’s for my usual problems and here’s how these new products perform and help (or don’t) with these problems.

The first product that made it into this new routine is the YSL Le Teint Encre de Peau foundation.

It’s a foundation that I bought because Karine from Nailderella told me it was great, and to this day, it’s the foundation that looks the nicest, the longest on my skin, without getting too shiny or to ‘scaley’. However on longer days, it also ends up looking shiny and it also breaks up around my nose.

I also really like this foundation because it feels very light on the skin, I can barely feel I’m wearing anything which is really nice. After one thin layer, the coverage is medium, but you can also build it up by adding a second layer. The finish is off course less natural with two layers but it still looks really nice and wears comfortably.

The downsides are the price and the amount you get in the bottle. In Switzerland it costs almost CHF 80.- for 20ml so that’s really quite expensive. And what’s even more frustrating about that is that almost all the other foundations out there contain 30ml.

But to this day, it’s the best I’ve tried so I’ll keep repurchasing it until I find something better. I’ve just finished my first bottle and am starting the second one.

The next product in my new base routine is the famous Urban Decay Naked Concealer that everybody raves about. I went full on sheep mode, bought it too and I love it.

I particularly like this concealer for under my eyes because the coverage is enough for my under eye circles all the while having a slightly yellow undertone to help brighten the area (which is partly due to the shade I chose) and a formula that’s not too dry so it’s comfortable but not too creamy so it doesn’t run into the lines.

That being said, I also use the same shade to cover any redness (around my nose and brows) as well as any break out or scar. I know technically I should use a different shade to do that, but I find that it works well enough.

The most amazing thing about this concealer is probably how long it lasts. Indeed, towards the end of the day, when most of my foundation is long gone, you can see the limit of where I applied my concealer. You can see that there’s no foundation left but the concealer is still there. You have to look at my skin quite close up to see it, it’s not quite as bad as it sounds, but it means that this concealer really lasts (though I have to admit that it doesn’t last quite as long on the rest of my face where my skin is more oily.)

All in all, I really like this concealer because it works great to cover anything I don’t want on display and it lasts long enough.

And finally, to set everything, my new favourite powder and one that’s talked about a lot online, the famous Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder in the shade Translucent.

I was completely blown away by this powder the first time I used it. I used it to bake under my eyes (meaning I applied a lot of loose powder on top of my concealer with a damp sponge, let it set for a few minutes, and then brushed it off lightly with a brush) and I found that my skin was left as smooth as a mirror. All the little lines and wrinkles had gone.

So I tried and did the same on the rest of my face. If you push this powder on top of foundation with a (damp) sponge or a powder puff, the skin ends up looking really really smooth. However, on my skin, it doesn’t last very long. Under my eyes, all is well, but on the rest of my face, where my skin is more oily, as the day goes on, the powder starts to looks worse and worse: it starts looking a bit thick and cakey, which isn’t very pretty.

So on the rest of the face I prefer to use this powder with a brush because the finish looks nicer, more natural and feels very light.

It’s not the best powder if you’re looking for something really mattifying and with a long lasting matte finish (at least not on my skin), but if you’re looking for a light powder to set your makeup, look no further.

Everybody’s saying that it’s very expensive, and it is, when you go to the store to get it, you will spend a lot. However there is a lot more product in this one than there is in all the other loose powder containers out there (there’s almost three times more product than in the NYX loose powder) so in the end, it doesn’t work out that expensive.

And talking about a brush to apply powder, the one I’ve been consistently using lately is the 07* from Kiko.

I didn’t really understand it when I first saw it but I actually like its unusual shape, and I don’t understand how other brands haven’t done the same yet.

If you want to apply powder the right way, you’re supposed to push it onto the skin rather than rub it around. That means that rather than moving your brush across your face you should tap it around

That way you won’t move your foundation and concealer around. And to do that, I find the shape of this brush to be better than that of the other powder brushes out there.

And as it’s Kiko, it’s fairly cheap, easy to find in Switzerland and the way it looks, though simple is really nice.

So if I need my makeup to look a bit better than usual, and to last a bit longer, at the moment, these are my go-to products.

I hope that this will be helpful for you !

What are your favourite base products ?


*press sample