Unboxing Video & Presentation of ‘La Petite Box’ | The Romance Edition | February 2017

Hello, hello !

I’m back today to talk about another subscription box. I already talked about Boxmopolitan, My Little Box as well as the Fancy Club. Earlier this year I was offered to discover La Petite Box and as I’m always curious I agreed, so that I could give you my opinion on yet another subscription box.

To be entirely honest, the more I think about it, the less I like the idea of subscription boxes. I know a lot of people love them, but I always find that you end up spending more on a subscription than you would buying only the things that you really need/want. That being said, boxes allow you to discover things you wouldn’t have discovered otherwise and it’s true. But at the moment, in my current state of mind, I mostly feel like they’re filling my space with objects I don’t need.

So you might think I’m actually insane to agree to collaborate with a box when I don’t like the concept. I admit, it’s not very coherent. However, I’m still very curious in general and I find that getting a box with a mysterious content delivered to my door is one of the most exciting things. It’s like finding a treasure chest.

And sometimes, I’m very pleasantly surprised, as it was the case with the Chica Boom Chic box from Boxmopolitan. I was also very happy with my 3 months subscription to My Little Box.

So let’s discover together the content of last month’s edition of La Petite Box. I filmed a short unboxing video, and after that, you’ll find pictures with more details on each product.

As you may have seen in the video, the first thing you see when you open the box is the “menu” that has recently been translated into french.

Usually the content of the box is enclosed in a cardboard box decorated with the brand’s logo and colours but they had to use a regular bigger box this month because one of the product was too big for their usual box.

In the menu, you’ll find all the details on the products, such as the price and why they were included in the box.

There’s also a picture of my friend Charlotte from the blog Mon Petit Quelque Chose, because she is the Community Manager for the Romandie.

Schlumberger White Secco 18.90

The first things you find in the box is a bottle of prosecco from the Austrian brand Schlumberger. The packaging makes me feel like this might be flavoured with artificial fruity flavours, but that’s only based on the look of the packaging. It might be completely natural, fizzy wine. All in all I’m not over-the-roof-excited about this but it’s always nice to have a bottle of bubbly in the fridge (you never know when you’ll have something to celebrate) and it might end up being delicious.

Alessandro nail polish – Velvet Red 11.90

I don’t know the nail polishes from this brand but they’re often featured on some of my friends’ blogs so I’m guessing they must be nice. I don’t wear a lot of nail polish at the moment because of all the climbing I’m doing, and when I do I tend to go with Essie (especially since the price got much better in Switzerland) but the colour is a beautiful classic. It’s a shade that I’d wear in the Autumn-Winter rather than towards spring, but it is very pretty.
I think that the price of 11.90 for 5ml seems a bit excessif, but maybe it’s a mini one and they included the price of the full sizes, I’m not sure.

Bronx rouge à lèvre matte 9.50

The brand Bronx Urban Cosmetics arrived in Switzerland last year (I think) in Manor (and maybe other places…) and a red lipstick seems like a logical addition to a Romance themed box. Personally, as you may already know, I can’t really wear matte lipsticks (except for the Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencils) because my lips are always too dry, but I must say that the shade looks gorgeous.

KMS California coiffure et finition 2 en 1 12.75

I’m not the biggest fan of minis in boxes, but as these contain 75ml, they’re really decent minis and they’ll be really good for travelling. I actually already know this product that’s meant to hold hair do’s as well as act as a heat protectant. I find that when I use it before curling my hair, my curls last longer.

KMS California séchage rapide 12.75

This product is meant to reduce the time needed to blow dry your hair as well as being a light leave-in conditioner. I don’t know that a product can really do reduce drying time, but I’m still impatient to see what it can do.

Nuicons Magazine

I’ve already received a previous edition of this magazine that’s unfortunately in German. It’s a fashion magazine but it has more pictures than text so it’s not that bad that it’s in german. But I fail to see what it has to do with this month’s theme.
Other than that, I remember reading somewhere that they were looking for a magazine in French to include in the next editions for the Romandie.

Virgule handbag 69.-

And I shall conclude with the pièce de résistance, the Virgule saddle bag. The origins of this bag are not very clear to me, but from what I’ve understood, it’s a blogger-creator inside La Petite Box who created it. A handbag is something quite personal and unfortunately I don’t really like this one. It’s very ‘instagramable’ but I find it to be a bit too ‘cutesy’, almost like a kid’s bag. On that note, I find the strap to be a bit too short and this means that the bag hangs a bit too high (between my waist and the top of my hip) which is a bit awkward. But as I was saying, design is a very personal thing and I know that a lot of people like it and it looks very well made.

All in all, and despite this month’s theme, I didn’t fall in love with this box. There are a few reasons why I’m not convinced. The main one being that I didn’t have any “aaaaw” moment unboxing it. That’s very personal obviously, but there wasn’t anything that made me fall in love when I opened my box.

My second problem is regarding the price. I find that it’s a pity that the price of the box is mainly justified by 1 or 2 products and the other products are ‘small ones’. Indeed the price of a box ranges between CHF 94.- and 77.- depending on the type of subscription (all the subscription details can be found here). In this month’s edition, it’s the bag that justifies the price of the box and the other ones are more like bonus, but this means that if you don’t like the bag, there’s not much left in the box to justify the 90.- you spent.

The third problem, is that we don’t know where these big products really come from (this month’s bag, or last month’s leggings (read Roberta’s very complete post on January’s box for more details on that). They’re supposed to justify the price of the box but as we don’t know anything about them it feels a bit like the price was arbitrarily decided just to fit the budget. The handbag sure is pretty but it doesn’t exist anywhere other than on their website, so I don’t really understand why it’s 70.- This is a bit of a snobbish reaction, because the origins of a product shouldn’t influence our opinion of it, but I would rather use the 70.- to buy a bag that I really like.

So that’s about it. I feel a bit weird because I’m never that negative on the blog, but I’m really not very happy with this box. My reasons are very personal, and not very rational, but after all, that’s what I do here, I give you my opinion and it can’t be anything if not personal and subjective.

May it not prevent you from falling in love with this box if you feel like you might after watching my video. Each to their own !


*the box was sent to me for consideration