Lush Diary #37 | Flowering Tea | Mother’s Day Collection

Hello, hello !

I’m back to review yet another Lush bath bomb, and today we’re talking about a reusable bubble bar called Flowering Tea*.

Flowering Tea was part of last year’s collection for Mother’s Day and I’m secretly hoping that it’ll be back this year. (Well it’s not much of a secret anymore … is it ?)

Flowering Tea is a reusable bubble bar in the shape of a tea bag. And in place of the tea leaves there are little cute flower petals in the bag. Sooo poetic ! I must say that I love the way it looks !

As it’s a reusable one, you hold it under running water until you have enough bubbles and enough fragrance in the bathtub.

The drawback is that all the petals are stored in a little hole and once there’s an opening they will all get out at once, and that means that the next times you use it, you won’t have petals in your bath anymore. But that’s not the worst thing, as there aren’t that many anyway and you don’t really see them in the bath.

If you don’t see the petals it’s because there are so many bubbles ! If you use the shower head instead of the tap, you’ll get an absolutely insane amount of bubbles. And they’re smaller and therefore more compact than with the other bubble bars I’ve used so they feel incredible and last a lot longer. And the petals … well they’re somewhere underneath but I couldn’t see them.

But it’s almost even more poetic that way … You stumble upon a petal every now and then, without expecting it, and it’s cute.

All that’s left is the scent. And well … all I can describe today is a memory. When I was soaking in my tea bath, I felt like I was on holiday in a little cottage in the english country side. It smells like clean, like a small holiday house and like flowering meadows. It’s a ‘cute’ scent. I love it !

All in all, an insane amount of bubbles, cute little petals playing hide and seek, and a delicious holiday in the heart of Devon fragrance. I couldn’t ask for more.

I really hope that it’ll be back this year.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample