Lush Diary #38 | Divination

Would you like me to tell you the future ? Because I happen to have stumbled upon a pendulum in my Lush bath bomb collection.

I think that my first prediction will be that my guess is that today we’re going to talk about a reusable bubble bar called Divination.

I mentioned this bubble bar on the blog when I purchased it, because I did a haul on the Oxford Street exclusives that I had bought (see the haul here). But that was almost two years ago already ..!

Usually you’re supposed to use your bath bombs within about 12 months, but apparently I lost track of time and used it a bit too late, which may have influenced the way it worked.

As I was saying, this bubble bar is shaped like a pendulum, it’s purple but covered in copper glitter and hung on a purple string. I don’t have a strong opinion about how it looks but I guess it’s nice.

As with every reusable bubble bar, you keep it under running water until there are enough bubbles and enough fragrance in your bathtub.

And that’s were I feel like its being so old may have had an influence on my experience with it. There was a lot less bubbles than there usually is when I use a bubble bar. But I really think that that’s because I waited too long before using it.

That being said there was still a bit of bubbles, the water turned a nice pastel purple shade with coppery glitter running through it. Very pretty.

But what I liked the most was without a doubt the scent. On the Lush website you can read that it smells of patchouli, rose and amber. I personally am utterly unable to detect such precise notes, but the result vas very pleasant. It’s a scent a bit spicy, but also sweet and enriched by the amber. It reminds me a little bit of a spa.

So despite the lack of bubbles, which was very probably my own fault, I would repurchase this little pendulum because the scent is really gorgeous. But before that I’ll still be able to get a few uses out of this one.

Have you tried it ?


  • I have to say I’m not a fan of the whole pendulum-concept of this one, but the results look stunning. I’ll have to go and smell it – so obsessed with Lush scents!

    Agnese | Agnese’s Coiffeuse

    • Well the scent definitely makes it worth every penny. It’s amazing !