Nars New Launches for 2017 | Unfiltered Palettes | Velvet Matte Lip Pencils | Wildfire Collection

I got a new parcel from Nars, a parcel filled with products !

Nars is launching a lot of things for the beginning of this year, and thanks to the aforementioned parcel, I’ll be able to talk to you about all of these launches. That way you’ll be able to decide for yourself what’s worth looking at and what’s not.

I’m going to talk about their Spring Collection called Wildfire, their new cheek palettes, the Narsissist Unfiltered I and II, as well as the launch of 10 new shades of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

There’s a lot to talk about, so let’s get to it !

I’ll start with the cheek products because they’re the products that Nars is most famous for; the bestseller probably being the Orgasm blush.

But more precisely, I’m going to talk about the blush from the spring collection as well as about the Unfiltered palettes.

The Unfiltered Palettes are everywhere online, and no wonder, they’re gorgeous ! There’s the Unfiltered I (the one I have and tested) and the Unfiltered II (that has more pinky tones)

Narsissist Unfiltered I*

I’m not going to talk too much about the quality of the blushes in the palette. They’re great. The top three one are slightly shimmery and the bottom three ones are matte. They’re all well pigmented and apply easily.

That being said, this palette is not for me. I think that it’d look much better on someone with a deeper/darker skin tone. Indeed, on my pale skin the shades in this palette are way too dark and too pigmented. Even if I use a duo-fibre brush and take as little product as possible, I still end looking like a clown.

I think that the Unfiltered II would be much better for my skin tone. And I almost bought it. Then I realised that even though blush palettes are probably the most beautiful makeup products, they’re also the ones that I use the least. When a blush palette also contains a bronzer and/or a highlighter and/or a contouring powder, it’s more likely that I’ll reach for it, but when it’s just blushes I’m not sure I understand why all 6 of them should be in the same packaging. We usually only ever use one at a time, sometimes two.

However, if you’re dreaming about Nars blushes, if you don’t have a ridiculous makeup collection (or if you do but want to make it even more ridiculous … I’m not judging, mine’s pretty ridiculous ^^) these palettes are a great way to discover Nars blushes, and much cheaper than buying 6 different blushes.

All in all, visually I’m in love with both palettes. Realistically, I’m only ever going to be able to wear II. And I would have already bought it if I wasn’t being so reasonable after my monstrous splurge at the Lancôme counter.

Nars Bumpy Ride*

The blush from the spring collection on the other hand is perfect for me. It’s a gorgeous pink shade, quite bright, that’ll be perfect for spring. I still have to be careful not to apply too much because it certainly doesn’t lack in pigmentation, but I can wear this one and not look like a doll.

When you apply it and blend it properly, the shade of pink is really soft and has a pearly finish that’s beautiful to add a little bit of light without being shimmery or sparkly.

It’s a hit !

Let’s move on to eye products. All the new eye things are part of the spring collection. There are two eyeshadow duos (Chiang Mai and Thessalonique) as well as four Velvet Matte Shadow Sticks (Siros, Grand-large, Belle-île, and Usbek)

Nars Velvet Shadow Stick in Siros* and Grand-large*

Siros is a gorgeous metallic bronze and Grand-large is the perfect sky blue shade ! It’s not a shade that I can wear daily (yet) but it’s truly beautiful ! (and you’ll see from the swatches at the end that it comes out just as bright on the skin. The pigmentation is insane !)

What initially struck me is that these sticks have exactly the same packaging as the ones from Kiko. No joke. If you rub off the writing, there’s no was to tell them apart.

I’m just a human being and I don’t have a microscope at home, but I think that the products inside, if they’re not exactly the same too, are awfully similar. The Kiko shadow sticks could be dupes for the Nars velvet shadow sticks.

This is not a negative critic because I love the Kiko ones. They’re easy to work with, and last all day. Which is also the case with the ones from Nars. (Here you can find a post where I did a 3-in-1 tutorial using the Kiko shadow sticks.

As I can’t personally see a difference between the ones from Kiko and the ones from Nars, I’d suggest getting the ones from Kiko as they’re much cheaper. However, if you do find a shade you like from Nars, you might get it from Nars.

Because, it’s a shame that two brands have such a big difference in price for what seems to me like the same product, but no matter how much you choose to pay for them, rest assured that they’re great ! You can create a beautiful look very simply by applying them straight onto the lid and blending the edges with a fluffy brush.

Nars Duo Eyeshadow in Thessalonique*

I already talked about Nars eyeshadows on the blog. I don’t like their Dual Intensity shadows (mentioned here and here) because I find that they’re a bad compromise. I don’t like having to wet my brush to get an intense result. I prefer having an intense result straight away and blending it if necessary.

But I really like their ‘normal’ shadows. The ones that come in duos or solos and that have no intention apart from being good eyeshadows. I already talked about my duo in Isolde (here) and I still love it.

This duo sadly contains shade that I don’t really like. I don’t like cool tones at the moment. But if you like purple, it’s an easy to wear all over the lid kind of purple because it’s not too intense and the shellfish pink that comes alongside it is perfect to highlight the inner corner or under the browbone.

The second duo in the collection is Chiang Mai, and contains a turquoise and a copper shade.

As for lip products, in the spring collection, there are two lipsticks (Breaking Free and Kiss Me Stupid) as well as two lip glosses (Aragón and Asphalt Jungle) and as I mentioned earlier, there are ten new shades of the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils.

Nars Lipstick in Breaking Free*

This lipstick scares me. It’s a pastel coral, ultra pigmented with a velvety finish. I don’t like orange-y shades on me, and very pigmented, matte or satiny lip formulas look horrible on me. It wasn’t meant to be.

I still tried it, but I scared people. Orange-y shades really look bad on me, and the formula highlights all the little imperfections of my lips. It’s awful.

But it’s a problem that I have with every single very pigmented and satiny or matte lip product, and I’m pretty sure that people generally love Nars lipsticks. So if you’re looking for a pretty pastel coral, very pigmented and with a velvety finish, this could be the one. And if you don’t have chapped lips, you’ll be fine.

The second lipstick in the collection is a browny shade.

Nars Lipgloss in Aragón*

That one however I love ! I didn’t think that I’d like this shade because it’s almost brown, but apparently it looks good on me ! (If I do say so myself ..!)

Seeing as it’s a gloss, the first time I used it I wasn’t too careful. I applied it quite generously. It’s not a bad idea per say, but I was surprised to see how pigmented it was. I would go as far as saying that this is pretty much a liquid lipstick with a glossy finish.

I really like this product that gives an opaque, and glossy finish and that hides the little imperfection I have on my lips. I think that it’s my favourite out of everything I mentioned today.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Let’s Go Crazy* and Pussy Control*

I’ve been meaning to dedicate a post to the Velvet Matte Lip Pencils for a while, but I still haven’t gotten round to doing it. You may have seen them on the blog or on my instagram a few times because I love them. Dragon Girl is my favourite red lip ever and pretty much the only one I wear.

I really like those lip pencils because they’re really comfortable despite being matte, they hide any imperfection on my lips (even though you should still do a light scrub before) and they last incredibly well.

I was therefore very happy to learn that the brand was launching 10 new shades ! I got two of them to try, Let’s go Crazy, a fuchsia pink and Pussy Control that’s a mauve-y purple.

They’re not shades that I’d wear on an everyday basis, but they’re shades that make me want to play with them. So maybe I’ll manage to create an ombré lip. And I can’t wait to go and swatch the 8 other new shades because I’ve seen gorgeous swatches on instagram.

So here you can see the swatches of all the colours I mentioned, expect for Thessalonique. As I know that I’m not going to use it I’d rather keep it intact and give it to someone who’ll be able to enjoy it.

As for the new launches, there’s still one that I havent mentioned, and that’s the Soft Matte Complete Concealer. The Radiant Creamy Concealer is pretty hyped up online, and even if I haven’t tried it, I want to try this new one. This new one comes in a little pot whereas the old one is a tube like a lip gloss.

I unfortunately received a shade that’s way too dark for me, but I heard a lot of people online saying that this new concealer wasn’t great under eye but amazing to hide imperfections all over the face. I wanted to pick up my shade in Sephora last Friday but they didn’t have it. So I’m going to keep looking for it.

All in all, my favourite new discoveries are the Bumpy Ride blush, as well as the Aragòn lip gloss. The shadow sticks are great but I think we’d all be better off buying the cheaper ones from Kiko.

I told you that I wasn’t going to buy the Unfiltered II palette, but I just saw it again on instagram and I might just cave. It’s soooo pretty !

I’ll also try and find my shade of the new concealer and learn how to do an ombré lip with my two new lip pencils.

What do you think about all of these ?


*press samples