My Skincare Routine with Lush | Aqua Marina, Eau Roma Water, Magical Moringa and Vanishing Cream

You might remember that since June, I’ve almost used exclusively Dr Hauschka products on my face. These product helped me get rid off my breakouts and that’s the reason why I didn’t want to use anything else. (you can read about my experience with Dr Hauschka after 3 months here and an update after 7 months here.)

But the other day, we were celebrating 15 years of Lush in Switzerland, and I was lucky enough to get a full rundown of their skincare range and I decided to give them a go.

After a very in-depth discussion about my skin and their products, I left the Bern Lush store (that has been entirely redecorated and is worth a visit !) with a new cleanser, a toner and samples of two of their day creams.

I’ve now been using them for a few weeks and I’m quite happy with them, so I want to share my experience with you all.

I’ll start by telling you about my experience in general and then I’ll talk about each product I’ve tried in particular.

What’s good upfront with Lush skincare is that they’re mainly made out of natural ingredients, they’re handmade, vegan and not tested on animals.

Knowing that, there was a pretty good chance that we were going to get along. If I hadn’t tried their skincare before (apart from two of their fresh face masks) it’s mostly because I never really thought about it. To be honest, for a really long time, I only walked into Lush stores to check out the bath bombs.

But I’ve now tried their skincare and my skin seems to be liking it. Since I’ve gotten rid of my acne, the main issues with my skin are redness, somewhat big pores around the nose, a lack of hydration all the while being extremely oily.

This means that I really struggle to find formulas that are at the same time hydrating enough and not so rich that they make me shiny after an hour.

Since I’ve been using the Lush products –which by the way don’t necessarily claim to try and solve any of the aforementioned problems– I can’t help but notice that I still don’t break out. As for everything else, my redness seems to be less intense (at least I feel like I’m using less concealer) and my skin definitely feels less tight (though that might also be due to the change in weather).

The Aqua Marina* cleanser

First off, a warning, don’t put your nose in the pot and give this product a sniff. It stinks ! This cleanser contains, amongst other things, seaweed, and because of that, it tends to smell a little … well seaweed-y. It’s not the nicest scent.

However, you can barely smell it when you’re using it, and once you’ve rinsed it off, you can’t smell it at all anymore.

As for its performances, well, it is going to replace my Dr Hauschka purifying cream. I still like that cleansing cream, and I’ll never be thankful enough for its helping me get rid of my acne, but I prefer the process of using the Lush cleanser.

What I like so much about it is that I can rub it on my skin. It may sound odd, but I couldn’t do that with the Dr Hauschka cream (which you have to push into the skin to create a succion to clean out the pores). And apparently I’ve been missing massaging my face with my cleanser.

The second thing that I like is the feeling after I’ve cleansed. Indeed, what I liked about the Dr Hauschka cleansing cream is that my skin never felt stripped. However, after rinsing it off there was always a sort of veil left. Though it wasn’t sticky or uncomfortable in any way, I don’t get that at all with Aqua Marina. It doesn’t leave my skin feeling stripped either but as there isn’t any veil left, it feels somewhat cleaner.

If I chose this cleanser over all the other Lush cleansers, it’s because it’s the only one that isn’t exfoliating at all (be it manual or chemical). Indeed, on the daily I prefer to use a cleanser that isn’t exfoliating at all, and to use a scrub or a chemical exfoliant whenever I feel the need to.

As for the price, it’s much cheaper than the Dr Hauschka one, and I feel like it’s also going to last me longer because I need very little product at a time and there is quite a lot in the pot. (whereas a tube of the Dr Hauschka purifying cream would only last about a month.)

The Eau Roma Water* toner

At Lush you can choose between three different toners. As I was trying to fight off the feeling that my skin was a bit too tight (dehydrated) I asked which of the three was the most hydrating. I’ve been told that none of them really were, as it’s not exactly the role of a toner but that Eau Roma Water was probably the best for me.

This one contains lavender water and rose water, which are meant to do a lot of great things including balancing the skin and soothing it.

Honestly, I’m not too sure what else to tell you about it. The effect on the skin upon application is really nice. The spray is fine and even. The scent is lovely and very subtle.

As for ingredients, a good thing compared to my Dr Hauschka toner is that this one doesn’t contain alcohol. I personally didn’t have any problem with alcohol but it can irritate more sensitive skins. So, good to know. However in this one, there’s ‘perfume’ in the ingredient list, and I’m not an expert in ingredients, but I wonder if that’s much better.

All in all, I’m quite happy with this toner, but I can’t say that it’s changed my life considerably. So when I finish it, I might just satisfy my curiosity and see what else is out there. But I’ll be very happy to use it while it lasts.

Vanishing cream & Magical Moringa

I only got small samples of these two day creams so I don’t have a firm opinion about them, but I’ll still share my first impressions with you.

Vanishing Cream is a day cream with the most normal looking formula. Its particularity is that it’s meant to be hydrating and mattifying, all the while being really light and smelling like lavender.

Magical Moringa on the other hand has a solid texture like a balm in the pot and melts once in contact with the skin. Once melted it feels a little like a dry oil that sinks really quickly into the skin. After I’ve applied it, my skin feels really soft to the touch and has a beautiful matte finish.

However, I’ve been wondering whether this cream wasn’t affecting the wear time of my foundations. Mind you I’m not entirely sure that the cream is to blame but I’ve seen that my foundation was breaking up a bit more around my nose lately. However I’ve also spent a few days working at Baselworld, and I needed my makeup to last over 10 hours and there was a particularly good mirror in the bathroom there where I could see everything. Dreadful !

All in all, I’m really happy with my experience with Lush skincare. I’m pretty sure that I’ll keep on using the Aqua Marina cleanser for the foreseeable future, and I might even repurchase it. I’m also going to check if I can use it with my Foreo.

As for the other products, I’m really happy to use them but I don’t know yet if I’m going to repurchase them. But I’ll use them up, that’s for sure.

Do you use Lush skincare ? What’s your favourite product from them ?


*press samples