Dynamite and Nanabozo Present the Lush Easter Collection

I find myself struggling to write this post because every time I see the pictures of those little faces I just melt and can’t make out a coherent sentence. theyrejustsodarncute!

But we have a lot of important things to discuss, so I’ll try and get my brains back from the cheesy puddle they seem to have fallen into.

If I’m here today, it’s to talk about the Lush Easter collection, and about some of the products in particular.

I think that I’m going to start with Wash Behind Your Ears* as it’s the product that seems to be the most interesting for the furry ones. Maybe they do wish they had something to wash behind their ears.

Or it may be because this shower gel contains carrot infusion … could be either.

This winter I talked about the Bubbly shower gel (here) and as I’m almost done with it, Wash Behind Your Ears (WBYE from now on) will be my next slightly shimmery orange shower gel.

The scent is just as fresh as the colour, with notes of jasmin and rose, as well as neroli and carrot infusion. WBYE (just like Bubbly) is a shower gel that I like to use in the morning to bring a little pep to my morning routine.

That is if Nanabozo let’s me take the bottle back, because it seems like she’d rather keep it for her own ears.

The formula is also a little particular but not the same as Bubbly. Bubbly was almost a jelly in a bottle, whereas WBYE is more like a smoothie. We don’t really see it in the picture, but the consistency is thicker than a usual shower gel.

And as with a lot of colourful shower gels from Lush, they’re very intensely coloured and that means that when you use them, it feels a little like you’re playing with body paint. I agree that it’s completely useless but it’s fun ! And it all goes away, not to worry. You won’t be completely orange when you get out of the shower, and it won’t stain your shower or your towel.

I haven’t been using Lush shower gels for that long, but I just gave away all my other shower gels to my friends because I don’t want to use any other shower gels than Lush’s. I find them more interesting, both in terms of the scents, the textures and the colours. And with the limited editions that I buy because I love them, I have enough shower gel year round that I don’t need to buy anything else from any other brand.

Let’s move on to the most brilliant bath bomb in the whole collection. And also the one that’s a bit of a nightmare as soon as you want to move it or touch it because you’ll be very quickly covered in glitter. Covered ! I’m talking about Golden Egg*.

The Sunny Side bubble bar in the permanent collection looks a lot like this egg but shaped like a drop of water. Golden Egg on the other hand isn’t a bubble bar but a bath bomb enriched with cocoa butter to nourish the skin.

As for the scent, it’s the same as that of the Honey I Washed the Kids soap. There’s the sweetness of the honey, but also notes of citrus. I think.

What’s for sure is that I’ll be sure to tell you about it here when I use it.

– Eh ..? No, I didn’t. Why do you ask if I went and sniffed the little golden egg ?

The next egg is -fortunately- not full of glitter. It’s called Which Came First*. This bath bomb is available in two designs, the one you can see here with a yellow sun and one with yellow spots. But they’re exactly the same inside.

I struggled to find this information online, but I ended being able to confirm it: Normally, when you shake this bath bomb it rattles. Mine doesn’t, but I’m guessing that that’s because what’s inside is slightly too big and doesn’t have any room to move about.

This means that you could either put it in a bath whole, or you could break it. For one thing to see what’s hiding inside, but also to be able to get three baths out of this one bath bomb. Indeed, you can use each half for a bath, and whatever’s hiding in the middle for a third bath.

As for the scent, there are very subtle notes of citrus and stronger ones of vanilla, which makes for a delicious cocktail.

I’m not entirely sure I understand Nanabozo’s face expression, but either she defying me to try and take it back because she wants to keep it, or she’s telling me that I shouldn’t even dare think about giving her a bath.

Finally, here’s a second 3-in-1 bath bomb, it’s Chick’n’mix*. As with Which Came First, you can either use it all at once or get 2 or 3 baths out of it.

It’s a bath bomb that’s quite fragile and that doesn’t like being sent via post, as you can see, mine lost its beak.

Nanabozo: –Eh Macha ! Look ! She pushed it down !

Dynamite: –No, no, it wasn’t me. I wasn’t even here. Proof is you can’t even see me.

Inside this egg/chick, is a little orange thing, which we could clearly see is a bunny if it hadn’t been so rattled around. Well it’s actually the engraving of a bunny’s head on a little orange egg. You can sort of see the ears on the picture above.

As for the scent, there’s tonka absolue and bergamot essential oil. I couldn’t have said that myself but the scent is quite fantastic. I love it !

To give you a little bit of background story, the bunnies in the pictures are Dynamite (brown) and Nanabozo (red hair). Last summer, Dynamite had 7 baby bunnies, that you might have seen on my social media platforms. Nanabozo was the 7th one. She was always a little slower to grow up, grow hair and open her eyes. She was much much smaller than all the others and we weren’t sure she was going to live (7 is a bit too much for a mommy bunny.) But now she’s 8 month old and everything seems fine. She’s the only one we kept and she kept growing at her own pace and it now looks like our Dynamite created a mini rabbit. Nanabozo is indeed still as small as a guinea pig.

To get back to the Lush Easter collection, you can find all the products on their website, right here. And here’s a link to my review of Bunch of Carrots that I tried last year and that’s back this year. Also, may I sneakily add that the lip scrub for this collection is chocolate flavoured. Just so you know …

What do you like in this collection ?


*press samples