BECCA Arrives in Switzerland and Sephora Comes to Lausanne

Today’s post is going to be quite short but nonetheless very exciting ..!

The main goal of this post is simply to tell you that the famous makeup brand BECCA is coming to Switzerland, in the Sephora shops that can be found in some Manor shops. But also to tell you that Sephora is coming to Manor in Lausanne today (the 10th of March 2017)

To illustrate this post I took a few pictures of all the Becca products that I own. Honestly, I had no idea I had so many.

Until now the brand was quite hard to get a hold off from Switzerland, but it’s been available on Cult Beauty for a while and that’s where I got most of the products I own.

It’s on Cult Beauty that I found a little kit holding 4 mini products, ideal to discover the brand ! Inside I found the famous Backlight Priming Filter that a lot of youtubers and bloggers love and rave about. Personally I’m not sure it does anything for my skin.

This particular kit is no longer available on Cult Beauty, but they often have a few for sale, and they change them fairly often. I don’t know if there’ll be kits available in Switzerland but I really hope so. The full sizes are huge (especially considering they’re highlighter) and I find the mini ones to be big enough to discover the brand and get a fair amount of use out of them.

In this same kit was a mini Flowerchild blush (pictured above) as well as a mini Opal powder highlighter. The blush is a pinky-peach shade, with a little bit of shimmer running through it. The shade is gorgeous but it’s really pigmented so I have to be careful to use a very light hand with this one. (I’m so pale !)

I got sent the BECCA Kabuki brush from the agency who handles Becca in Switzerland. It’s my very first Kabuki and I must admit that I’m not quite sure how to use it. #lamebblogger

But I can tell you that it’s really soft and I really like its design.

In the little kit I also found the liquid version of the Moonstone highlighter. I think that this one is my favourite of all the products I tried so far. Partly because the shade is perfect for my skin tone, but also because the liquid formula blends into the skin incredibly well. My friend Charlotte posted a review of the powder version of Moonstone on her blog, and it looks amazing on her. You should check out her post if you want to see it in action !

*even Chips is interested by Moonstone …

Thanks to my friend Alexia, I got to try the split pan AmarettoProsecco Pop that was created in collaboration with Jaclyn Hill. And I also bought the split pan HyacinthChampagne Pop on Cult Beauty. I initially mostly wanted to try out the highlighters, but I went for the duos anyways because they allowed me to try two products for the same price. (I knew perfectly well that hyacinth wasn’t going to work on my pale skin but I was still curious)

What you should know about these two highlighters is that they’re very intense. You can’t really achieve any kind of subtle look with these, no matter how much of a light hand you use. But they’re gorgeous regardless of that and I like wearing them every now and then, mostly for night outs.

The blushers are terribly pigmented and I don’t think I’ll ever be able to wear hyacinth, even very lightly. However I quite like how amaretto looks on my skin. It sits somewhere between a blush and a bronzer.

I did little swatches of all the products I mentioned so that you can see the differences between the shades.

I don’t think that anyone needs more than one BECCA highlighter, but the advantage of the diversity they offer is that each skin tone can find its perfect shade. Also, every shade is available in powder, cream and liquid form so that we can each choose our favourite formula. And if you’re looking for ultra pigmented blushers, then look no further !

What’s for sure is that I’m really excited to go and swatch everything in store ! And to go and swoon over the beautiful UFO-shaped packagings.

And actually that’s a point I didn’t mention but I really like their original packaging; half soft plastic, half metal, simple but beautiful. However I’m not as big a fan of the limited edition gold packaging.

Do you know the brand ?