Lush Diary #36 | Two Hearts Beating As One | Valentines Day Collection

The last Lush Valentines Day post before it’s too late. You might still be able to find it in stores in the next few days even though it’s already sold out online.

That being said, whether it’s in stock or not, I need to talk about this bath melt, because something quite weird happened to me while using it.

But let’s start with the introduction, though you may have guessed it from the title, today we’re going to talk about Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt or bath oil.

If I’m not mistaken this bath melt is brand new. I don’t think I’ve ever seen it in any previous collection. And as the name would suggest, it’s made out of two hearts that slot together.

Some have said that you could split it into two (or even four) chunks so as to get more baths for your money. But I haven’t tried that, though I often do it with bubble bars.

As it’s a bath melt, it’s mostly solid butter, coloured and scented. You’ll notice that straight away as it has a tendency to melt between the fingers pretty quickly when you hold it.

Bath melt can be thrown into the water pretty much whenever you want, but with this one, I’d wait until the tub is full so as to be able to enjoy the show.

The two hearts will melt slowly and create a gorgeous marble effect on the surface of the water. Just like when you drip paint or nail varnish into water. It’s really pretty !

Then, once you start moving the water about, the colours mix together and the water turns a gorgeous pink colour.

As for the scent, it’s quite floral with notes of rose and ylang-ylang, without being too powerful or unpleasant. At least, I really enjoyed it.

When I got out of the water, I could feel that my skin was softer. It’s usually what happens when using bath melt but I was still happy to see that this one was no exception.

I did however also get another kind of skin reaction after using Two Hearts Beating as One bath melt.

Right after towelling myself dry, I started to feel like teeny tiny droplets of icy water were falling on my legs and arms. It wasn’t overly unpleasant but really disturbing. It really felt like it was really cold, and wet, on tiny parts of my body. By looking at my skin more closely I could see that it was slightly red.

I thought I’d gone mad, but M had taken the bath with me, and his arms were red too, and he was under the same impression that icy droplets were falling on his skin. I’d say that it lasted for about 30 minutes.

I really don’t know much about ingredients and reactions to them, but my guess is that it must have been one of the essential oils. I did a little bit of research online but couldn’t find anyone else who had experienced that using Two Hearts Beating As One.

All in all, I did love that bath melt. The marble water while it was melting was gorgeous and the pink shade was just as beautiful. I also liked the scent and the fact that it left my skin feeling soft.

As for the icy rain sensation at the end, I’m a bit surprised because I never experienced anything like it but it wasn’t painful or itchy so it wasn’t the worsts. However, if you have very sensitive skin, I’d be careful using Two Hearts Beating as One.

Has anyone tried it and experienced something similar ?


  • Oh yes, that effect in the water really is pretty. And I definitely love florals, as long as they’re not too overpowering.

    • It definitely isn’t overpowering. I really enjoyed it