Lush Diary #34 | Cupid | Valentines Day Collection

I still have time to review another love-soaked bath bomb from the Lush Valentines Day collection before it’s too late.

As the last bath bomb I tried from this collection –Over and Over– was a bit of a deception, I had high hopes for this one. And I wasn’t disappointed.

Today I’m here to review a newcomer in the Valentines Day collection, the Cupid* bath bomb.

They could hardly have made this bath bomb, more appropriate for Valentines Day: it’s heart-shaped, it’s pink and it has an arrow going right through it.

That being said, you don’t have to use this with any kind of “significant other”. Whether on your own or not, the bath it’ll create is pure bliss.

When it comes to the scent, once more, I’m utterly unable to give you a decent description.

I feel like there are three stages though: the scent before it touches water, the scent in the bath, and the scent left on the skin. To me they were all different.

I couldn’t quite say what it smells like before, but while in the bath I’m pretty convinced that I could smell whiffs of chocolate, and afterwards I smelled like a Lush Shop.

That being said, on their website they say that it smells of roses and bergamot, so it’s probably just my nose that’s a little messed up.

I personally found it lovely all the way through, regardless of what name you want to put on the scent(s).

As for the show it provided, it was a delight !

It’s one of the softest, prettiest and most romantic bath bomb I’ve tried so far. Perhaps even the softest, the prettiest and the most romantic.

There is no festival of colours, no grand show of multicoloured snakes swimming on the surface, nor any popping candy, but it’s just as good as the most grand show a bath bomb could provide you with.

The shade of pink they chose is the perfect one !

I don’t know how else to describe it. It’s a really soothing pink, that’s quite simply gorgeous.

The bath bomb fizzes away slowly, the lighter and darker shades of pink take over the tub and gradually darken the colour of the water. At the end, there’s a little white foam on the surface, which makes the whole thing even better.

I hope that my pictures speak louder than my words, and that you can, through them, fully embrace the romantic and soothing vibe that oozes from this bath.

This bath bomb is now my new favourite from the Valentines Day collection, head to head with Lover Lamp. I can therefore only suggest that you give it a go if you get the chance.

Have you tried it ?


*press sample

  • Oh yes, this really does scream V-day! 🙂 I look forward to having a bath again…

    • I’ve taken so many baths these past few weeks, i’ve just had that weird urge to soak in water 😛